Noh Min Woo-Hwang Jung Eum for “Full House 2” Confirmed or Not Yet??

For a couple of days a rumor has been spread saying that (finally) the sequel drama project for “Full House” has found the leading roles to replace Rain and Song Hye Kyeo, they are Noh Min Woo and Hwang Jung Eum. But recently their agencies announced that the rumor is not yet completely true. The actors Noh Min Woo and Hwang Jung Eum haven’t yet signing any contract to be involved in “Full House 2” project , but the result from the castings are likely to be very positive. This news is quite confusing to follow at first but the updates keep coming, so we’re keeping our eyes on it.

Both, Noh Min Woo and Hwang Jung Eum are musicians-become-actors.  Noh Min Woo is a genius musician who can play almost most of music instruments and his voice is also great. He is the former member of Trax, a band from SM Entertainment. After being out from the band he decided to turn to acting. His latest dramas were “My Girl Friend is Gumiho” and “Midas”.

Meanwhile, Hwang Jung Eum started her career as a singer, but after playing on several dramas, like “Giant” and “Can’t You Hear My Heart”, it seemed that she’s more focus on her career as an actress.

Becoming the couple in “Full House 2” sounds to be nice for them. But of course this project is very difficult and risky. “Full House” was a big drama, this drama which made Rain become hallyu star. . The fans have been longing for so long for  this drama. They have high expectation for it, and that’s the problem, it’s really hard for the PD and the writer to make double big hit. And as for the fans, like other sequel dramas or movies, will compare  the sequel from the original, especially the leading roles, so it will be the heaviest burden for Noh Min Woo and Hwang Jung Eum if they’re really involved in this drama.

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