F(x) Released “Pinochio” MV for Comeback (first) Album

Oh it’s been a looooong time since I posted about Kpop, I’m too tired to follow news about them because lately there are too many new idol groups formed so I decided not to followed any news.

But I gave an excuse for f (x) because for me they are not a new idol group (you can mention them as sunbae now) and I like them … they have quite different styles, always on the safe way and less provocative than the other girl groups, and its nice.

F(x), which consists of Luna, Chrystal, Victoria, Sulli and Amber (yeah she’s finally back after recovery from her injury), a few days ago (April 18th) released the MV for their single “피노키오 (Danger)”. F(x) appear in this MV, still with Luna and Chrystal’s voices, Sulli’s funny face, pretty Victoria, and the boyish rapper Amber try to re-exist and compete with their juniors as Rania, Rainbow, Secret and more (I’m too tired to mention them).

Okay I don’t want to say too many comments on them, because to me they are only little sisters who are learning from their older sister (SNSD), and to me “Pinochio” is quite interesting, sounds funny, cute song.


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