Gong Yoo-Jung Yoo Mi on “Crucible” Report Meeting

On August 22nd, at CGV Wangshipri, Seoul, the report meeting for Gong Yoo’s new movie “Crucible” was held. Beside Gong Yoo, his co-worker, Jung Yoo Mi, also attended that event. These two leading roles appeared with black outfit look serious for this serious movie.

The movie that is based on true story novel tells about humanity issue, reveals the human rights issue and sexual abuse, especially for difable.

Fuuuh..quite heavy issue. X|

Gong Yoo and Jung Yoo Mi, together will be struggling for justice. This story is based on an accident that happened on 2005, when the deaf student has been abuse sexually, and this movie shows the hearing process on court. Gong Yoo will play as teacher who will assist and encourage this poor girl .

Gong Ji Yeong (the writer) managed to bring that miserable-heartwarming story on novel title “Melting Pot”. And now it turns to Gong Yoo and Jung Yoo Mi who will work hard to bring this story on the screen.

“Crucible” will be released on this fall, September 22. as i know, this is the first serious movie for Gong Yoo. He used to played on light-romantic-comedy movies. So, i’m so excited about this time.

But, out of from the movie, Frankly I’m a bit sad to see Gong Yoo does not look as stunning as always. He looks a little chubby and older. But thanks God, his smile is as gorgeous as always.

[by Blossom]

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