Gong Yoo On “Crucible”, Soon

Still with movie project (aaargh..please come back soon on small screen, Gong Yoo-ssi! X| ),  he will appear on “Crucible” (도가니), directed by Gong Ji Yung and Gong Yoo will act alongside with Jung Yoo Mi.

Filming has wrapped up a few days ago. As I know, this movie is something new for Gong Yoo, because so far he always (almost) involved in romantic-comedy movie project or light drama. In the latest “Finding Kim Jong Wook” he played as clumsy and silly guy, Han Ki Joon, but now on “Crucible” he must appear as a serious figure, he act as a school teacher at the school.

“Crucible” is based on true story, this movie tells about rape cases on school and the victim is a deaf student…woooo…quite heavy subject. For Gong Yoo to play in this movie was pretty hard and tiring because it required so many emotion, but I believe  he can do the best for this movie.

“Crucible” will be released soon this year, maybe on fall. Oh I’m really curious about this movie. I want to see Gong Yoo-ssi act seriously for serious character… :left:

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