The Trailer and More Poster from “Crucible”

Based on Gong Ji Yeong’s true story novel,  “Crucible” becomes the most anticipated movie for this autumn. As planned, this movie will be released on September 22.

On 2005, the terrible accident happened on a difable school. A number of deaf students become victims of child sexual abuse, and ironically the danger is in the school. Gong Yoo appeared different from usual, here he becomes a serious figure. In this movie he plays as an art teacher who reveals the sexual abuse cases on his school. Along with Jung Yoo Mi, he tried to save his students and reach the justice for them, his beloved students.

You can have a sneak peek of this heartbreaking story from this video teasers. Only watch the trailer made me sad and mournful.  Maybe it’s too hertbreaking to be watched, but it’s real, it really happened and human rights issues need our concern. This gloomy movie tells the truth, and that’s why it worths watching.

video teaser

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