Gong Yoo’s New Movie “Crucible” Released this Fall

Oh i’m dying longing for this ajeossi to comeback on drama, but it’s okay since his new movie “Crucible” (도가니) is scheduled to be released this fall..yeay! Although it’s not in small screen, at least there’s Gong Yoo’s face on screen this year.

“Crucible” tells about human rights of difable person, based on true story novel titled “Melting Pot”…Whoaa..such a pretty serious theme.

Gong Yoo will play as a teacher who found that his deaf student had been raped (child sex abuse),and he is determined to help this poor girl found the justice. He appears as quite serious figure for this movie, that’s what makes me more excited about this movie since usually Gong Yoo play on romantic-light-comedy genre. But certainly I would miss his lovely smile in this movie since this movie  will surely be full of bleak emotion.

I hope there’s no postponed schedule for this movie. I can’t wait for this fall, watching Gong Yoo plays a serious figure alongside with Jung Yoo Mi.

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