Gong Yoo as Best Actor Nominator on 32nd Blue Dragon Award

He really deserved it, but i think not as the nominator but as the winner. right? ;)

Through his role in “Crucible” (도가니) or “Silenced”, not only make this movie success as boxoffice movie and being screen on theaters all over the world, but the most important is he managed to tell the world about human right issue especially for diffable people. This movie is from Gong Ji Yeong’s novel “Melting Pot”, based on true story about child sexual abuse at difable school happened in 2005.

Besides best actor list, “Crucible”, or “Silenced” for overseas title, also get other nominations:

Best Movie, Best Director (Hwang Dong Hyuk), Best Actress (Jung Yoo Mi), Best Supporting Actor, Best Music, and Best Screenplay (Hwang Gong Hyuk). But this movie has heavy competitors such as “Front Line” (Go Soo), “Sunny”(Min Hyo Rin), “The Yellow Sea” (Kim Yoon Seok) , “Blind”(Kim Ha Neul)  and many more.

The Front Line

The 32nd Blue Dragon Award will be held on November 25th at Hall of Peace KyungHee University. There will be 22 movies that will compete for this event. The nominees are chosen by professional on film industry.

Personally,  i really hope Gong Yoo can win that award due to his role as Kang In Ho, the teacher who help the miserable students revealed their agonies  on heartbreaking movie “Crucible”, but i think the other nominators also deserved for that for that award, so no matter he get the award or failed,  i still love him, he has worked very well.

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