Goo Ha Ra as Party Girl on “City Hunter”

Before we start the article, I just wanna say i’m thankful for KARA’s frenzy lawsuits already reached agreement. KARA will continue the formation as before, Seungyeon, Nicole, Gyuri, Jiyeong, and Hara.

Regardless of her group, Ha Ra, as I said before, will act in drama “City Hunter”. After a couple stills from Park Min Yeong and Lee Min Ho, finally I get stills from Ha Ra when she’s filming at the club.

Through these stills I can catch what the character she will play. Her role is as president’s daughter, maybe she will be a spoiled and childish girl, a daddy’s little sweety pie and also a party girl.

When filming this scene, she was dancing (its easy for her) with 12cm heels…ouch..but she wrapped it naturally-success-dance scene without NG.

[info and images: 1, 2]

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