Good Doctor Episode 12 Summary

Let’s get to the point with Good Doctor episode 12. So many things happened in this episode that I couldn’t wait to share. Do you expect any love blossoms? Well, you can expect a little more…

Started with the intense situation in the OR. The gynecologist suggested Dr.Kim to give up the baby. But it was Shi On who insisted on saving both. The surgery ended up well. After the surgery, Dr.Kim summoned Shi On. He gave him a quick review and comments, but in the end before Shi On left the room, he still said, “Park Shi On, you have done well.” (“sugohesso[yo]” is a common expression of appreciation after someone perform a well done job. A little bit different from “jal hesso[yo]” which literally means you did a good job)

Shi On had to make up lots of excuses of what items he needed to buy in the convenient store just in order to walk Yoon Seo to the hospital’s exit. But as soon as they stepped out the hospital’s main entrance/exit door, they found Dr.Kim had waited for Yoon Seo to go home together. Shi On had his night shift, so he couldn’t go home with Yoon Seo.

When they arrive in front of Yoon Seo’s place, Kim Do Han kind of need a friend to talk to and share his thought with. As usual, Yoon Seo made a comment that Do Han found amusing. He couldn’t resist to ruffle Yoon Seo’s hair. Well, you can see something in Kim Do Han’s eyes before he drive away his car.

The next day, Shi On was holding a hammer that he said he needed to buy in the convenient store last night. But he was caught lying by Yoon Seo. She just smiled and left.

Dr.Kim accidentally ran into Chae Kyeong in the hospital. They were awkward. Chae Kyeong asked how they had become like that..cold and as if they’re strangers. Their  relationship was not getting better.

Lee Suji’s ( the pregnant girl who had had the surgery) ex-husband came to see the baby. The man seemed to be different from his mom. He seemed to really love her. Yoon Seo let them meet each other, and they reconciled.


Dr.Kim gave Shi On the first test for the challenge he had given him (the research papers). It was an intense oral exam, but Shi On did very well. Yoon Seo got the news from Dr.Kim and later when she was meeting Shi On’s mom, she told them how her son had been doing well with his job.

There’s a journalist going to film Dr.Kim’s team’s activities for a documentary program. Shi On suddenly made a weird hairdo, but Yoon Seo told him not to. He ruffled his own hair immediately.

During the filming, Shi On kept looking at the camera. Yoon Seo thought he just liked the publicity, but Shi On said he wanted his mother and father to recognize him if they saw him on TV.

One night, Shi On and other doctors in the station were sitting together. They knew that Yoon Seo was going home together with Dr.Kim. Shi On didn’t know it. They tried not to make any rumor, but they noticed Dr.Kim’s relationship with Chae Kyeong was not in a good situation. Shi On just found out that Dr.Kim and Chae Kyeong (used) to be engaged.

Dr.Kim brought Yoon Seo somewhere. He sort of wanted to do something nice as they had been senior-junior for 15 years. Apparently, he brought her to a boutique and was buying her clothes…expensive one! Yoon Seo was startled.

Meanwhile Shi On came to visit Chae Kyeong in her office and they went out having dinner together. Shi On told Cahe Kyeong that he had someone he liked and wondered how Dr.Kim confessed his feelings to her. “Dr.Kim is so cool, so I wanted to know how he did it.” She said she was the first to declare her feelings.

Dr.Han and his juniors were going out for a drink when suddenly he saw In Yeong saying goodbye to some men in a bar (hostess to customers manner). He went into the bar to see her. In Yeong’s reception was cynical. Dr.Han said he didn’t see her as a lowly girl living a lowly and pity life as she accused him immediately. “I thought, I didn’t know how tough this young girl’s life to pay the hospital for her sick little sister. I feel sorry for making you feel bad, anyhow.” She just asked him not to tell In Hae.


Shi On waited for Yoon Seo in front of their place, but didn’t tell anything when he met her. He still failed to confess his feelings. That night, Shi On was thinking of Yoon Seo. Yoon Seo thought of Dr.Kim. Dr.Kim thought of Yoon Seo. Well, is it a surprise? Hmmm…let’s say we had seen it coming sooner or later.

The next day, Dr.Kim ran another test for Shi On. This time the exam was in the OR. He failed. Shi On couldn’t control his trembling.


Yoon Seo tried to speak with Shi On. He opened up with her. Later Yoon Seo told Dr.Kim that Shi On got a trauma from his father during his childhood. That what made him always got anxious in the OR.

A man who was drinking so badly in a shop saw Shi On on TV. He recognized his own son.

Dr.Kim held a remedial for Shi On’s exam in the OR. This time Shi On did a very bad mistake. The simulation patient died. “You were supposed to be surgeon, but you just acted as a murderer,” said Dr.Kim harshly.

Shi On was depressed. He still looked down on his way home. Yoon Seo tried to talk to him, but it depressed him even more. He finally spit it out to Yoon Seo, “I like you. I don’t like looking bad in front of someone I like.” Yoon Seo was startled.


Shi On walked the rest of the way home alone. In front of a crosswalk he accidentally bumped into two drunken guys. They demanded an apology, but then found out that Shi On was a bit strange. They beat him and Shi On couldn’t fight back. Dr.Kim was stopping at the traffic light when he saw the scene. He got off his car, defended Shi On and fought the two guys. Shi On saw the scene and remembered how his brother defended him and fought the naughty kids for him.



They ended up in a police station. Dr.Kim stayed cool while the drunken guys didn’t stop talking to defend themselves and blame Dr.Kim. But as soon as Dr.Kim heard the drunken guy called Shi On “The retarded man”, Dr.Kim couldn’t hold his emotion and hit him agaim. Yoon Seo fetched them out of the police station. Before leaving, Dr.Kim desperately said to Shi On, “Why didn’t you fight back and let yourself being treated like a stupid man and made them call you retarded??!!” Shi On could only said, “I’m not a retarded man.” Dr.Kim was out of speech and went home alone.

The next day, Shi On got a guest in the hospital. His father came to meet him. Shi On’s traumatic childhood resurfaced his memories. He was shaken and finally fainted.


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