Good Doctor Episode 16 Quick Summary

Good Doctor this episode started when Shi On caught the bad guy coming into the girl’s room, then Dr.Kim fought the guy. Shi On witnessed the scene before his very own eye, so Shi On tried to fight the guy, but he managed to flee. Thankfully there was male nurse Jo. He wouldn’t let that guy get away.

Dr.Kim’s situation was not really serious. Dr.Cha and others heard from Dr.Kim how Shi On fought the guy. Yoon Seo was kind of proud of Shi On, that he finally knew how to fight. She asked what would he did if she was attacked by bad guys and needed his help. Shi On who watched too much action movie amusingly copying a line from a movie.


Chae Kyeong rushed to Kim Do Han’s room. She was so worried. She said he should think about her before doing something dangerous. She said she always had one wish: because her parents had passed away, she wanted to live along time with the person she loved.
Yoon Seo saw the scene from outside.

Male nurse Jo got his free dinner. Head nurse Park treated him for he had fought the bad guy and made that guy arrested.


Shi On came to the nurse station and suddenly gave a kiss on the cheek to male nurse Jo. Everyone was startled. Shi On said that it was his way of gratitude for male nurse Jo for what he done yesterday and for being nice to him from the beginning. Dr.Han told Shi on not to do that to him.Right then they saw Dr.Kang just finished his meeting with some men.

The hospital merger issue soon spread among the doctor. Dr.Kim said they should worry about that later.

Shi On was on his way to another hospital for Yoon Seo’s research when he ran into Chae Kyeong. She told him to wear something warm as the temperature suddenly drop outside. Then she took him to an expensive boutique and bought him a nice sweater. She thanked him for helping Dr.Kim.


Shi On came back to the hospital and Yoon Seo noticed the new sweater. Even the tag was still there. They were so surprised that the sweater was $875. even Shi On had no idea. And strangely Yoon Seo scolded him for innocently received that kind of expensice gift from Chae Kyeong. Shi on admit his mistake for innocently received and straightly put on the sweater, but he said he didn’t understand why she was mad at him. Yoon Seo was more upset and just left.

Shi On’s dad was looking for Shi On. He saw his son was trying to politely refuse the parents who were giving him presents. He told them he couldn’t take presents.Then his father caught him and they argued. Shi on kept calling him the bad person. Dr.Go saw the scene and helped Shi On get away from his dad.


Shi On noticed that Yoon Seo was still upset to him. So he tailed her home and Yoon Seo caught him. He told her that he felt sorry and wanted to cheer her up. So he did some silly performance and managed to make Yoon Seo smile. Shi on apologized for making her upset. Yoon Seo reminded him that he still had to go back to hospital soon, so he left.


Kim Do Han got the news about the fight of Chae Kyeong and her step mom. So he took her out for drinking.

Dr.Kang talked to Dr.Kim and Dr.Cha to discuss about his son. He asked them to go to Boston. Dr.Kim asked him to bring his son to Sungwon Hospital instead.

Shi On helped his mom, though didn’t say anything until he left. Then he met Dr.Kang on the way.

In hae found out that her sister would be her donor. She refused to get the surgery. Dr.Han and Shi On saw when In Yeong tried to talk to In Hae, but the little sister ran away crying. Shi on tried to talk to In Hae, while Dr.Kang talked to In Yeong. The conflict among the surgeons were different. The two Dr.Kim argued about who should operate In HAe.

Dr.Kang’s son was brought to the hospital by his wife. He asked Dr.Kim and Dr.Cha to treat their his son.


In Hae ran away from the hospital. she was sitting alone outside when Dr.Cha found her and took her home since the girl refused to go back to the hospital. Shi On reported the information to In Yeong. Then he had another thing to tell In Yeong. He asked her to talk to Dr.Han because that doctor liked her so much and his frustration made him fail to sleep every night. since he was so noisy, he made Shi On also failed to have a nice sleep every night. That’s why Shi On suggested her talking to his senior.

That night Yoon Seo and In Hae were talking about Shi On. In Hae asked if Shi On really did confess his feelings to her by giving her the rose. Yoon Seo said the rose wasn’t a confession.

Shi On had a dream about In Hae being in a peaceful park. So that morning he came down to Yoon Seo’s place to pick In Hae up. In Hae just woke up and suddenly she found her nose was bleeding. In Hae fainted right away.



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