Good Doctor Episode 3 Summary

Episode 3 of Good Doctor began with Dr.Jae Joon bursting into the common room of Kim Do Han’s team. Dr.Jae Joon was very upset and accusing one of Dr.Kim’s residents had touched the matter of his patient.

Shi On finally admitted it was him. Shi On approached the parents of the dying baby and told them that their baby could be saved and Dr.Kim Do Han could conduct the surgery. So Dr.Jae Joon accused Kim Do Han for using his residents to shine in the hospital. This time it was Yoon Seo who was scolding Shi On, but the parents of the baby came to visit Dr.Kim. The parents’s hope were high, but Kim Do Han told them that Dr.Jae Joon was one of the best in the country and there’s nothing he could do about the baby. He just apologized to the parents. Outside the office, other residents tried to talk to Shi On. But in the end, everyone just left Shi On alone.


Kim Do Han apologized to Dr.Jae Joon. Well, senior-junior thing matters a lot in all aspect of Korean life. Meanwhile, Yoon Seo saw Shi On watching the dying baby, but soon he was summoned by two other residents who were under Dr.Jae Joon supervision. He was cornered and scolded. Yoon Seo saw the scene and came to rescue her junior.


She took Shi On to get an ice cream and talk to him nicely. She asked his opinion about what a doctor is. Shi On answered her with a “by the book” answer. “A doctor is a person who puts the patient’s health as the priority.”
“And what about a patient?” asked Yoon Seo. “A patient is a person who needs help. When they need help, we should absolutely give them,” said Shi On. “Where did you get such a thought?”asked Yoon Seo. “Hypocrates said so,” said Shi On. Yoon Seo continued, “Other than that, don’t you have your own opinion as a person whose job is a doctor?” Again, Shi On was giving a “by the book” answer, so Yoon Seo just cut him. She said that as a senior she would like to help her juniors. Then she said she wanted Shi On to have his own opinion about what is a doctor and what is a patient before he is thinking about giving help and saving a patient. She brought up the word “the surgeon robot.”

Dr.Go Choong Man was trying to show off his power again over Kim Do Han as he got the report from his ally, Dr.Jae Joon. But Kim Do Han had no fear of Dr.Go and showed him his own “power” that it somehow intimidated Dr.Go. So Dr.Go asked a young doctor, Dr.Woo Il Gyu, to do something related to Dr.Kim.

Ms.Lee invited her daughter, Chae Kyeong, and her boy friend, Dr.Kim for lunch. Chae Kyeong’s reception was harsh as she accused this event was for marriage plan discussion. She seemed to dislike the topic much more than Do Han. Ms.Lee finally agreed not to bring up that topic, so instead she asked them to go to the US. Dr.Kim could study and Chae Kyeong could learn more about hospital management.

Chae Kyeong was still upset. She asked her mother to stay away from her life’s matter, and then left the table. Do Han caught up with her. He asked why she had to be that rude to her mother and then he continued, “Shall we just get married?” Chae Kyeong didn’t like the idea of the proposal nor the idea of they’re getting married either.

Shi On and his seniors were coming down to the ward for a regular shift. There’s a patient who was in a tantrum because he refused to eat. The seniors put Shi On on duty for this. Shi On was supposed to persuade the kid to eat, but the gundam prototypes attracted his attention. He asked to borrow one of them and it made the kid crying. He ended up accidentally breaking the prototype and made the boy cried harder. The mother was a bit upset and she was talking to other moms to consider changing the doctor considering Shi On’s condition. When the mothers came to male nurse Jo to change their children’s doctor, Shi On showed up and heard everything. Shi On was down and spent time alone at the bench outside. Dr.Choi came to him. Shi On told Dr.Choi he wasn’t sad because there were always people who hate him.

When Shi On came back into the ward, he met his senior Dr.Han Jin Wook. A little girl, a patient, told them there’s something wrong with In Hae, the cheerful girl who had been a patient there. Apparently she was making a prank. Everyone was laughing, but Shi On coldly said it wasn’t funny at all for him.

Dr.Choi invited Dr. Kim to go out for a drink. Dr.Choi apologized and thanked Dr.Kim for what he had done so far for Shi On. But Kim Do Han didn’t hide his anger about this matter. Dr.Choi had put him in a very difficult situation, so he asked Dr.Choi to tell him the truth why he cared so much for that kid. Dr.Choi told him that Shi On is a special child for him. He said that as much as he believed Dr.Kim was a very talented doctor, he also believed that Shi On could also be a very great doctor. And the reason why Dr.Choi even dared to put his position at risk for defending Shi On was quite simple, “because I’m a doctor.” As a doctor his nature is to save patient and help them have the chance to live (well). And Shi On was a special child for him,so it’s all just a nature for him to do this.

The two doctors came back to the hospital drunk, but Kim Do Han the worst. Yoon Seo was on the way home when she saw them. She offered to bring home Kim Do Han. After putting her senior on the bed, she saw some pictures on the table. One of them was from the old time. Apparently, she used to have a crush on that senior of her and Do Han was a softer character then.


It seems that Shi On never stops being haunted by the same nightmare: the incident in the tunnel when he saw Dr.Choi trying to save him and his brother.

Kim Do Han was thanking Yoon Seo for what she did yesterday by giving her a parfume as a present. His excused was because Yoon Seo had said she had no perfume, but we could see there’s something more than that through the way he looked at her when she’s not looking.

Coming out of Dr.Kim’s office, she noticed Shi On was up to something and it’s still related to the dying premature baby. Yoon Seo scolded him again telling him to be considerate for a little, but Shi On said “I’m not a robot.” He said he wanted to save the baby because he saw the baby’s hand. He remembered the way his brother’s hand made some movements when he was dying. For him it was the way dying children tried to communicate. “Have you seen that baby’s hand?” he asked Yoon Seo. “Babies can’t say anything, but (through their hand they say) they want to live. They want to see their mothers.”

Dr.Woo told something to Dr.Kim. Then Dr. Kim suddenly changed his mind about the dying baby. He checked the baby’s data and then gathered his team to undergo a surgery. He reminded his team that the successful chance is only 20%. Dr.Jae Joon came to question Dr.Kim. Decision has been settled no matter what, Dr.Kim was confidence to do the operation.

Shi On thanked Dr.Kim for changing his mind and agreeing to operate the baby. Of course Dr.Kim said it’s not for Shi On. He professionally very dislike Shi On and he made that clear. But he’s not going to let him go that easily. He want Shi On one day to give up being a doctor himself. It’s a kind of his way to let Shi On learn what kind of big deal to be a real doctor is.


The three senior doctors were celebrating the successful trap upon Kim Do Han. But aside from the other two, Dr. Kang was spying on Kim Do Han’s life personally. And we can see that Do Han seems to have a little brother, or used to have.


In the committee meeting Kim Do Han surprisingly defended Shi On and insisted on conducting the surgery. Dr.Go looked disappointed as he aimed to hit the big stone, Dr.Choi, through Shi On. Dr.Kim said it was his own decision to change his mind because he saw Dr.Kim Jae Joon was making a mistake in his conclusion about the baby’s real condition. For him, Dr.Jae Joon was just reluctant to make his best effort to help the baby. When the meeting became more intense, the baby’s condition suddenly became so critical.

Yoon Seo broke into the meeting room and told Dr.Kim that they had to operate the baby immediately. Dr.Kim and his team came to the baby quickly. They couldn’t run him to the surgery room, so they had to do it in the ward. At first the OR doctor in charge refused to cooperate as the risk was too high, but Dr.Choi stepped in and said he would be responsible if anything happened. So Kim Do Han and his team conducted the surgery. Everything seems to go well at first, but when Dr.Kim was about to finish up, Shi On insisted on checking further. Yoon Seo was against the idea, but Kim Do Han was suspecting something, so he checked further. Then a critical situation occurred.


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  1. Thanks for making this recap,you really fast! :)

  2. Thank you enjoyed it alot actors were really great at that surgical scenes ,but i think in this ep we saw less from authism or syndromes in joo won but it went on quickly like saying yeah we’re having this problem if we go to any Asian hospital .all the deal will be about senior-junior relationship not the knowledge.if looking for romance they all having good chemistry but the hospital process really sucks i don’t think it’s that bad u know .but it’s really great to see you recap it this fast .moon chae won<3<3<3<3<3<3.

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