Good Doctor Episode 13 Summary

Good Doctor episode 13 is where Park Shi On had to face the traumatic past. Seeing his father, the bad memories surfaced Shi On’s mind. He collapsed and when he woke up and knew that his father was still outside the room, he was on nervous mode again right away.


Dr.Kim met the father and asked him to leave considering Shi On’s condition was not on a stable state that time. Mr.Park refused to leave and challenged Dr.Kim by saying that he’s nobody who had no rights to tell him what to do. Dr.Kim told him that Shi On was his disciple. Mr.Park didn’t care. Right on that time, Shi On’s mother came and asked then begged him to just leave Shi On alone forever. The father made a scene, so the security guards had to pull him out.


The parents continued their conversation outside. Shi On’s mom asked Mr.Park to go away. Mr.Park insisted on meeting Shi On and when he got too emotional, he started to cough and there was blood. He seemed to be sick.

Dr.Kim asked Yoon Seo why she had been keeping it a secret all this time. “Aren’t you suppose to tell me?” asked Dr.Kim. Yoon Seo told him that it was Shi On’s mother who asked this to be kept as a secret between them.

Shi On heard that his father had gone away, so he stepped out of the room. Yoon Seo sat with him. Shi On told her that he was okay. Yoon Seo asked him if he also remembered his mom’s face, considering that he remembered his father’s face right away. He said it felt like going on a time machine and he was back to be 7 years old again. He remembered how he feared his abusive father. He also said he didn’t remember his mother’s face, just a glimpse of the memory. He saw his mother was beaten, a lot worse. “I’m happy I don’t remember her. Just like me, she must have been very very hurt.”


Later on Dr.Kim, Yoon Seo and Shi On sat together. Dr.Kim ran an oral test to Shi On, and they found out that Shi On kind of lost his ability to remember his task brilliantly like he always did. His genius talent just disappeared. Dr.Kim knew the source of Shi On’s biggest trauma is his father and it influenced Shi On’s mind very significantly.


Dr.Kim consulted to his colleague about Shi On’s condition. That doctor said that Shi On suffered from a kind of dissociative disorder where the trauma of the past overpower Shi On’s mind. One of the methods was to confront him with the source of his trauma, but the risk was that Shi On might be trapped in his trauma and lost his genius talent forever. Another way to deal with it was to let Shi On felt he got so much respect and love from the people around him, so that those feelings would overpower his trauma.

Yoon Seo told Dr,Choi of what happened. Dr.Choi was worried, but thanked her.

Dr.Kim tried to talk to Shi On. “You’re afraid of your father, right?” asked Dr.Kim. “But what is the most dreadful thing for you to see?” Shi On said he was more afraid seeing patients died. “So you have to do the diagnosis well,” said Dr.Kim. “You fear your father and your patient will die. Dr.Kim talked logic with him, well expecting him to talk sympathy might be too much. Dr.Kim told Shi On how he had been against all odds and exceed his expectations. He also had promised Dr.Choi to take care of him. So in order to save the patients as well as Dr.Choi’s position and also Shi On’s himself, he asked Shi On to overcome his trauma.


Yoon Seo was doing a regular check on In Hae. They talked about Eun Ok and her new family. Yoon Seo showed her some pictures the singer boy sent him. There in Yoon Seo’s phone In Hae saw the picture of a rose. Yoon Seo told her that it was Shi On who gave her, as a present. In Hae finally found out the girl Shi On had been having a crush on was Dr.Cha.

That evening Dr.Kim told Shi On to call it a day. He understood it had been tough for Shi On. Dr.Cha was going home as well.

Dr.choi came down to Shi On’s parents house. Shi On’s dad tried to hit him, but started coughing badly.

On their way home together, Yoon Seo brought the topic of Shi On’s confession. Shi On tried to deny. But Yoon Seo told him that what he said was nothing to be ashamed of nor to be  sorry for. She said she was touched.  So they sat down somewhere to talk about it.

Yoon Seo straight forwardly asked, “Am I your first love? I feel so grateful.I love you too, as a junior and as a little brother.” Yoon Seo then shared the story of her first love. She said that first love would stay as first love (with Dr.Kim), but as times go by, it was just going to be a sweet memory. So regarding their relationship, Yoon Seo said that it would also happen to them. After times go by, she believed that Shi On would change his feeling to be just a kind of affection. “That time we can finally feel so much like real siblings,” she said. Woman! Either she’s treating him as a teenager or just too naive expecting a man liking her as a woman to change his feelings and eventually like her as sister. Seriously?? She’s a smart doctor, but doesn’t know the basic difference between man and woman’s mind? Haven’t she read ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ ? So yeah, I think Shi On was offended somehow. He said, “What if as time goes by my feelings don’t change? What should I do?”


Shi On went on alone, but met Dr.Go on the way. Dr.Go was drinking alone, so Shi On joined him. He took Dr.Go home. Dr.Go woke up in Shi On’s house. Dr.Go was confused, but he just grabbed the breakfast Shi On had prepared for him.

In the hospital, Dr.Kim held another test for Shi On. He was making a lot of mistakes. Dr.Kim knew it’s a serious problem they had to solve soon, otherwise he couldn’t help Shi On.

Shi On was talking to In Hae when Dr.Choi brought him to see his father. Dr.Choi told Shi On his father’s condition, but Shi On refused to hear and just walked away.


Dr.Han tried to talk to In Yeong, but her reception was bad as always. He asked her to find other better jobs because he worried about her. In Yeong told him to stop liking her and find another girl that suits him.

That night in the hospital, the frustrated Dr.Han and the frustrated Shi On failed to get to sleep. So they had a talk. Two grown up men talked about their bad love stories. I like that unlike Yoon Seo, Dr.Han always treated Shi On as a grown up man.

Next day came and another case as well. This time some elementary students were injured on a traffic accident. Dr.Kim and his team tried to handle the situation along with the doctors in ER. Problems occur when there’re more than one children need immediate surgery. Dr.Han was put in charge on a child, as well as Dr.Cha. Dr.Kim and the rest of junior residents handled the other child. There’s another child in the ER needed an inspection, so Dr.Kim told Shi On to go.

Shi On knew the girl. He had treated her before when she got her arm injured. Her father was a blind musician and she had told Shi On how she was proud of her father. Shi On checked her condition and decided that the girl need a surgery. The ER doctor reminded him that there’s no more attendee doctor to do the surgery. He said they could put her on the OR next to Dr.Kim’s OR so he could do two operations in the same time. Shi On immediately prepared the surgery and reported it to Dr.Kim. Dr.Kim told him to wait. He was about to go and check the other patient when his own patient turned critical. So he stayed. Shi On demanded even more when that other girl was also critical. Dr.Kim couldn’t leave his table, so he told Shi On to do the surgery himself.

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