Good Doctor Episode 14 Quick Summary

This episode of Good Doctor is about reconciliation. But we get to where it ended on the previous episode. Shi On tried his best to do the surgery. There was a bleeding and he was struggling to find the source. His ability to see things “3D-ly ” was still in problem, but then he remembered what Yoon Seo and Dr.Kim had told him. The “x-ray” mind came back.


The surgery went well. Yoon Seo who was watching from another room, looked so proud of Shi On. Even Dr.Kim literary said, “Congratulation Dr.Park.” And not only that, Dr.Kim even reward his team after the tough day by treating them dinner.

The politics condition of the hospital was getting more intense.

Yoon Seo couldn’t stop thinking about what Shi On had told her that night when she turned him down. Dr.Kim approached her and asked what’s going on. She said she made a mistake to Shi On. she kind of realized that she had treated Shi On like a teenager while he’s actually a full grown up man, somehow.

Dr.Kim and the residents were out for dinner together, except Dr.Cha. She prefer being home. That night she took off from the wall the rose given by Shi On and threw it to the dustbin. Dr.Kim was having a small talk alone with Shi On after the dinner.


Dr.Kim got the news about the political situation of the hospital. Chae Kyeong would take over her step-mother’s position within a month. Kim Do Han still asked her to stop her plan.

Shi On talked to his patient, the girl he operated. She asked if his parents were healthy and lived well. Shi On decided to ask the doctor who was in charge of his father about his condition. And his condition was bad.
Then he decided to come by his father’s ward. With trembling hands he talked to his dad. And that man was really something. He kind of asked for money from Shi On as soon as he knew that Shi On received salary. Shi On’s mom watched from outside.

Shi On was sitting alone on a bench outside to clear his mind. Dr.Go joined him. Shi On shared his thought about his father. “I want my father to be proud of me.” Shi On was about to leave when Dr.Go surprisingly decided to give him money (thouugh reduced it from 30,000 won to just 10,000 won). “It’s okay, I have money,” said Shi On. But Dr.Go was just sincere, so Shi On took the money before leaving.


Shi On’s mother finally decided to confront her son bravely. “Shi On-a, I’m your mom,” she said. “I’m your mom. I’m sorry. I couldn’t tell you all this time.” Shi on went speechles. He felt his mother’s hand touching his face, but he remembered the day when he read his mother’s note. “I’m sorry, Shi On. I will surely come to search for you later.”
Shi On quickly let her mother’s hand go and rejected her. “I hate you. You just left a note and left me alone. You abandoned me. You are as bad as dad. I don’t need you.” Then he left.


In Hae opened her sister’s purse and found her business card.

Yoon Seo asked Shi on if he had met his mother. Shi On told him his feelings about his mother. Yoon Seo said he should at least listen to what she said. Shi On just asked her not to interfere.

Before going home, when bumping into Shi On on the corridor, Yoon Seo offered herself to help him. “If you have a burden about your mother, just tell me,” said Yoon Seo. “If I have a burden, I will tell Dr.Kim,” said Shi On before leaving.

In Hae went to the club where In Yeong worked. She caught her sister red-handed. “How could you get here? Did Dr.Han told you?” accused In Hae. “So even Dr.Han knows about this??” In Hae was so disappointed and frustrated. Coming back to the hospital, she blamed Dr.Han for not telling her about her sister’s job.


One of the children in the gang who was always around, the little boy with glasses, started to show worse situation. After the other day Shi on caught him puking in the toilet with green puke, this time he finally collapsed. Dr.Kim, Yoon Seo, and Shi On prepared for an operation. But even before the surgery, Shi On noticed Yoon Seo’s bad mood. After the surgery, Yoon Seo had to get scolded by the boy’s mother.

Yoon Seo reported to Dr.Kim, then the mother went to Dr.Kim herself. The mother was blaming Yoon Seo, but Shi On defended her and took the blame by saying that he forgot to forgot to report to Dr.Cha about his finding on the boy’s puke. Shi On’s action just made Yoon Seo more frustrated.

LAter that night, Shi On apologized to Yoon Seo. He said his action had nothing to do about Yoon Seo’s feelings. He just felt sorry and understood that she’s frustrated.Yoon Seo felt worse. “Stop doing this. I can’t give you anything for a payback,” Yoon Seo said. Shi On just sincerely wished to lessen her burden. Yoon Seo was about to cry, but Shi On stepped forward and hugged her.


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