Good Doctor Episode 19 Summary

The last two episode for Good Doctor. Last time the episode ended when Yoon Seo made a love confession to Shi On, and from there we started this episode.

Shi On said that he felt his blood  was boiling and the heart sounded like a drum. Yoon Seo said she also felt the same. He was still overwhelmed by the fact that Yoon Seo was really declaring her feelings for him. On the way back, Yoon Seo said her hands are cold. Shi On didn’t get the signal well, so Yoon Seo asked him to hold her hand.


Shi On said that he was sort of ready if Yoon Seo was going to regret everything when she woke up in the morning.  He went back to the hospital and was very nervous when morning came. No, Yoon Seo didn’t regret it.


Dr.Kang told Dr.Kim that he wanted to transfer his son to another doctor. Shi On’s father was making the “i’m dying” drama in the ward, kind of punishing Shi On. Dr.Kim watched the scene from outside the ward.

Dr.Kim’s team were holding a meeting to prepare for In Hae’s surgery. They had to be able to propose a very convincing method if they wanted to get the permission to do the operation on In Hae.

Dr.Han talked to In hae. The little girl’s words sounded a bit pessimistic, but Dr.Han tried to lift her heart up. And then he talked to In Yeong. He told her not to worry and everything should be fine. Then he held her hands to sooth her. “The hands of doctors here are warmer than you thought, so please trust us.”

Yoon Seo was showing Shi On the application on her phone to start counting their days as a couple. Shi On said he didn’t need any because he had good memory (yeah :rolleyes: ). Yoon Seo asked if he had any places, except for the zoo and pc place, he wanted to go together with her. Then Shi On came up with an idea: to the tarot card lady. Their individual cards were fine, but unfortunately as a couple the tarot lady said that they didn’t have the “bridge” like soul-mates usually had, so when they’re separated, it’s hard for them meet each other again.


On their way home, Yoon Seo said that she wanted their relationship to go public. Shi On hesitated. Yoon Seo understood his worry, but that’s what she wanted: to let others know they’re an item.

In the hospital the next day, on the doctors meeting, the two Dr.Kims argue about In Hae’s surgery permission. Dr.Kim Do Han got the permission to be in charge because he could propose a better method and procedure. He informed the good news to the team and they went out for dinner together. And there was when Yoon Seo decided to stand up and made the official announcement. Of course, everyone was surprised.


The news spread out quickly in the hospital. Everyone just couldn’t stop talking about the new couple. Even Chae Kyeong and Dr.Kim discussed about it when they sat together. Dr.Kim said he worried about this couple, but he didn’t say any objection. The other Dr.Kim’s residents still couldn’t believe the fact that Yoon Seo and Shi On were an item. And the nurses couldn’t handle the gossip either. But not everyone talked about their relationship positively, and Shi On heard it and felt down. Dr.Kim caught him with that kind of face, but Shi On didn’t say anything.

It’s the D-day for the play. The casts dressed up based on their characters. Shi On as Peter Pan, Yoon Seo as Wendy, Dr.Kim as Captain Hook, Male nurse Jo became Tinker Bel and Dr.Go became the yellow mermaid. The best part was when Dr.Go surprisingly appeared as the yellow mermaid. He’s so hilarious.


After the show, Male Nurse Jo took time to sit down with the heard nurse. He finally opened up about his past to her. Well yeah, he used to be in the gangster, but when his nephew died, his life changed.

Going home that night, Yoon Seo asked Shi On to stay for awhile. So Shi On stayed for awhile until Yoon Seo fell asleep.

The next day, Yoon Seo’s close friend reminded her that her mom may not give her blessing to her relationship with Shi On.

The surgery date is coming, and the sisters cried together. Dr.Han talked to In Yeong, saying that he would act as a stupid man. “I don’t like being stupid and not smart, but this is what I’m gonna do. The uncomfortable feeling that you have because of me please do differently for awhile.” Meanwhile, Yoon Seo and Shi On talked to In Hae.


Before the surgery, the sisters were brought into the same gate of OR sections, but different OR. Dr.Han was supposed to go with In Hae, but he stopped awhile to talk to In yeong. Again, he was telling her not to worry. In Yeong asked for his hand and held it. “Your hand is warm, not a doctor’s hands, but Han Jin Wook’s hand.”

The surgery went well. In Yeong woke up on time, but not In Hae. The doctors were nervous and yes, something wrong happened.

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