Good Doctor Episode 18 Quick Summary

Yoon Seo asked her junior to take Dr.Kim outside, but Dr.Kim insisted on staying. He ordered Yoon Seo to be in charge and Dr.Han as the first assistant. “I will remain in this OR, so you all will be my hands,” said Dr.Kim. One of his residents helped him standing the rest of the process.

The surgery went well, but Dr.Kang seemed to be discontent. He expected a perfect surgery for his son, but with this incident happened and he watched the whole scene.


Yoon Seo treated Dr.Kim’s wound. She scolded Dr.Kim as trying to act like Iron Man.

Meanwhile Shi On rushed to his dad’s ward. Dr.Choi was already there. He told Shi On that his dad’s condition was not good. Shi On’s mom proposed of getting Shi On’s dad discharged from the hospital, but Shi On disagreed with the idea. The upset Shi On shared his feelings with Yoon Seo.

Shi On was speaking with In Hae who looked so much better. She asked Shi On if she could grow up to be a pretty woman like her sister. Shi On said she could.

Shi On asked a big favor to Yoon Seo: to talk to Dr.Jae Joong. They both went to that cold doctor to propose their ideas about In Hae’s surgery. But of course, Dr.Jae Joong just cut Yoon Seo’s words and made the two doctors just gave up and walked away.

A group of men in black suddenly came into the hospital and approached male nurse Jo in the nurse station. They called him big brother and said that they had been looking for him. Apparently, the nurse was an ex-gangster and he refused to go back to his past. Head Nurse Park overheard the men’s conversation and started to avoid male nurse Jo.


Yoon Seo was speaking with Dr.Kang’s son with the attendance of Dr.Kang. The kid told them what motivation words about dreams Dr.Kim had told him earlier and how it inspired him. Dr.Kang seemd to be touched.

Shi On overheard Yoon Seo’s conversation through phone with the guy she met the other day. Shi On asked if she’s going to meet that guy again. Yoon seo said no. “but why didn’t you said that to him earlier?” asked Shi On. “If you are not meeting him again, you should say it clearly.”

Shi On visited Dr.Kim to bring him dinner. Dr.Kim told him to just go back immediately to the hospital. Shi On said that for him Dr.Kim was like his big brother.

Dr.Han was informing In Yeong about In Hae’s condition. In yeong asked if he’s been sleeping well. Dr.Han just answered her in a formal way that he slept well.

The residents of Dr.Kim were planning a performance to entertain their kids patient. Shi On was very confidence.
In the other place, the head doctors were having a serious meeting discussing In Hae’s surgery. The two Dr.Kims were head to head, and Dr.Go later offered a help to Kim Do Han. When Dr.Kim was speaking with Yoon Seo, he seemed to have a good idea.

Shi on asked his mother to have a lunch out together. He told her it’s pay day.And then Shi On asked why she never came to look for him. His mom said that she actually looked for him, but she had no face to meet Dr.Choi and him personally after what she had done.


Shi On was scolded by a patient’s mother. yoon Seo asked if he’s okay after listening to the woman’s words. Shi On was about to say that there’s something that hurt him, but he refrained to tell her. Yoon Seo discussed it with Dr.Kim, but the senior said Shi on would be okay.

Later that day, Yoon seo asked what was it that hurt him. In their place, they continued their conversation: Shi On was speaking from his terrace, and Yoon Seo was listening from hers. Shi On said it hurt him when seeing Yoon Seo upset. He also said he wanted to sing for Yoon Seo. And then he sang. I don’t know who had the imagination, but there’re scenes of the “normal” Shi On dating Yoon Seo like other couples. Yoon Seo was crying listening to Shi On’s singing.


The doctors were practicing the play in their station. Shi On’s trick of making Dr.Kang’s son to persuade Dr.Kim to get involved in the play worked. Shi On played as Peter Pan. Dr.Kim’s acting skill sucked and he’s frustrated, but the practice must go on for the show.
In the play, there’s a scene where Yoon Seo had asked for a help from Peter Pan. When Shi On held her hands tightly, Yoon Seo notice something in her heart.


She kept thinking about that. She was thinking alone on the corridor when In Hae passed by and then sat with her. She told Yoon Seo that Shi On hurt alot.

Shi On walked with Yoon Seo to home. Yoon Seo asked if he’s taking all the hurt by himself. She said she was also hurt. And then she said that she’d been missing him, but not as a sister-brother like she said before. Yoon Seo confessed that she’s been feelings something strange these days. She said she dislike Shi On meeting other woman, and she’s not going to meet other man either. “I’m now…now…” She stepped forward and hugged Shi On.



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  6. yay, thanks once again for this well written summary! Simply like this episode.Hope it won’t end soon

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