Good Doctor Episode 8 Summary

Good Doctor episode 8 started when it ended. Shi On said that the hospital chief called him telling that he had found out that Shi On didn’t make any mistake. Regarding Eun Ok, Shi On told the argued people that they can ask Eun Ok herself whether she wanted to go home with her aunt or stay in the hospital. They went to see Eun Ok. And she could say “oh” (means “yes” for a kid) when Yoon Seo asked her preference. Everyone was surprised. The aunty could not do anything.


Dr.Kim Do Han got a phone call. He was invited to another board meeting. This one regarding Park Shi On’s case. Everyone was surprised with Dr.Kang’s findings, especially Dr.Go and Dr.Kim Jae joong. He refused to tell them the name of the person who intentionally open the door. He said the real issue is not the person, but his intention.

So everyone has to agree that Shi On could continue working in the hospital. Kim Do Han was not happy. He worried about Dr.Choi. For him, as long as Park Shi On was around, Dr.Choi would always be in trouble and it’s gonna be tough. Kim Do Han had a plan that he said he would do a revolutionary way from now on. Dr.Go was furious.

It was Cha Yoon Seo who was so happy and she couldn’t hide it at all. She and Dr.Kim watched Shi on taking care of Eun Ok in the ward. “Are you really happy?” asked Do Han. “Yes,”she said. “The feeling is like finding the long lost little brother.” Kim Do Han said he hadn’t seen that cheerful face for a long time. “Do good with your brother,” he said before leaving. Then she picked up Shi On and hugged him tight. Shi On started hiccuping.


In the station, Jin Wook and his juniors were having arguments about how they have to deal with Shi On’s comeback. It was only Jin Wook who seemed to be happy. Il Kyu didn’t bother to shoot harsh words.Dr.Kim was not as harsh as usual facing Shi On. He let Shi On to be in charge of Eun Ok again. He even let his residents to have a welcoming party when Yoon Seo asked him the permission before he left. Yoon Seo asked what Shi On wanted to eat for his party. Shi On gleefully said “I want to drink alcohol.” Everyone was surprised.

Dr.Choi had to deal with Dr.Kang. So the smart Dr.Kang asked for a deal in return for Shi On’s case. The deal is related to the politic of the hospital and it seemed to be a bad one for Dr.Choi.

Yoon Seo and Shi On were in Eun Ok’s ward. She asked how could he make Eun Ok talked. He said he kept asking simple questions that mothers usually ask to their children: “Are you hungry?” “Are you hurt?” etc. Yoon Seo said that Eun Ok lost her parents when she was three, so she had to have no memories about them. Shi On told her that he had asked Eun Ok whom she missed the most and Eun Ok said “mom.” So even though she couldn’t remember clearly, the sense of mother’s warmth stayed.Then Shi On said that he envied Eun Ok for having such feeling. He couldn’t remember anything at all about his mother, not even her sense. Later on Yoon Seo informed Shi On’s mom about Shi On’s return to the hospital.

In Hae surprised Shi On by suddenly running to him on the corridor and hanging to his neck. “Say it say it that you miss me and it’s nice to see me,” she demanded. Shi On did as she asked. Then Shi On had something personal to discuss with In Hae as they’re friends. He asked In Hae about his hiccuping problem whenever he’s with this person. “When the hiccuping happen how’s your feeling?” asked In HAe. Shi On said the feeling is the same as taking an elevator speeding up to the upper floors and also the same as the feeling when he’s eating chocolate ice cream. Then In Hae shot the question, “Who’s the woman? Just tell me.” Shi On shut his mouth. “You like that woman,” said In Hae. “Like?” asked Shi On. “Yes, because she’s a woman.” He’s experiencing the first love moment.


Shi On was on the way in the corridor when he heard a classical music. Apparently the children were watching a classical music. Then he showed the MV to Eun Ok for a kind of “therapy.”

Dr.Kim’s office hour ended that day and he’s about to leave when Yoon Seo once again asked for the permission to hold the welcoming party for Shi On. He’s very cool with it. He even gave the card to Yoon Seo and said, “It’s been along time since you guys have fun. So drink till death tonight.” But regarding to Shi On, Dr.Kim’s said he’s opinion about Shi On didn’t change at all.

Later on he went out for a drink with Dr.Kang. He said he agreed with Dr.Kang’s plan about the department. “But what makes you change and be on Dr.Choi’s side?” asked Do Han. “No, I don’t change,” said Dr.Kang. The discussion disturbed his mind. He was on the way home when he changed the direction. He went to the bar looking for his residents who were having a party. When he got there, they’re not there anymore. The man told him that they’re upstairs. They’re doing a karaoke. Yoon Seo was over excited (Moon Chae Won was all out). Even Shi On sang a song…pretty well. Kim Do Han just silently watched from a distance. He already left the room when Yoon Seo caught up with him.


They’re drinking beverage outside and had a casual talk. Suddenly Do Han said, “Yoon Seo-ya.” Yoon Seo felt awkward and said,”You make me uncomfortable by calling me by my name.” Do Han just continued, “Just answer my question honestly. Am I a wise man?” Yoon Seo said yes he’s a man of a wisdom with sooo little mistake. Then she asked why he asked that question. Do Han said that he just wanted to hear it from her, from someone close.


Yoon Seo came home with Shi On.She’s already drunk but still asked Shi On to buy more beers. When Shi On came back, she’s already asleep. So Shi On just sat there and watched her sleeping. He started hiccuping. In his heart he said, “Brother, now I’ve figured out what feelings this is. Back then you liked a girl from the laundry place.That feeling.”

Na In Hae never stopped trying to match her sister and Dr.Han. She and male nurse Jo were giving him advice.

Dr.Kim checked on the singer boy. The mother’s boy was so obsessed. It seemed that what she cared the most was her son’s career, not her son’s health. “Can you please do the thorough check up quickly? He only has today for a day off. Yesterday he has to go back to practice.”Dr.Kim gathered his team for the meeting dicussing this boy’s case. Surprisingly, this time he ordered Shi On to join. And as we could guess, in the meeting, it was only Shi On who managed to figure out what really happen to that kid. It’s a sinus something and the surgery method was written somewhere that other residents had not read yet.


So they had to do the surgery, but there’s a risk for his precious voice. They informed it to the parents. The mother was furious. She wanted her son to be operated abroad. Her husband reminded her that they had to think about their son’s best.

Dr.Kim Do Han told Yoon Seo that he had made the decision regarding Shi On. He admitted that Shi On’s was very good in diagnostic, so he’s going to recommend him for diagnostic department rather than as a surgeon. He asked Yoon seo to talk to Shi On about it. Yoon Seo did try to talk to Shi On, but it was difficult. Shi On was upset that people tried to decide what he’s supposed to be.


Dr.Choi looked very serious when he was talking to Dr.Kang about his plan related to the department of pediatric surgery. He asked Dr.Kang to leave the hospital immediately. Dr.Go was panic, but there’s always a place for evil plan.

The children in the pediatric department were visiting the new comer: the singer. But the boy had no interest in social life,no matter how many topics the children talk about. They asked for his signature when the mother came and ask them to leave. Shi On came and told the mother to let the boy play with others, so he could learn to speak.

Dr.Cha and the nurses were touched when they found out that it was Shi On who paid for Eun Ok’s hospital bill. He explained that he had a lot of money since he always save his earning ever since he was little when Dr.Choi still gave him monthly money.
Later on Shi On found the boy was sleeping on the corridor. He found out that the music player the boy had been listening actually had no play list.

The hospital was under inspection for illegal drug accusation (sort of and Dr.Go was behind it, I think), when the boy suddenly got an attack. Shi On looked nervous somehow that he was holding onto the bed hard and both Dr.Cha and Dr.Kim saw it.
But they had to deal with the case immediately. Dr.Kim decided a surgery, but the mother objected with the idea.

Hong Gillam, Il Kyu and their junior were enjoying their break outside drinking beverage when an earphone suddenly fell into Gillam’s feet from the sky. But there’s no such a thing as an earphone fell from sky. When they looked up, they saw a very scary scene: the singer boy was standing on the edge of the hospital’s rooftop. Soon Dr.Kim, the rest of his team and the boy’s mom ran toward the boy. He kept saying, “Don’t come any closer!!”


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