Good Doctor Episode 5 Summary

In Good Doctor episode 5 we find another down moment of Yoon Seo and Shi On. The surgery failed, the little girl died. Dr.Cha was in shock (actually as well as Shi On) and Dr.Kim kind of understood her situation. but Dr.Kim defended her in front of the frustrated parents and in front of Dr.Go. Shi On was sewing the girl’s dress in the changing room when suddenly Dr.Kim came and saw him. “What the heck are you doing?” his tone was high from the beginning. Shi on explains how he was trying to fix the girl’s dress for she wouldn’t be embarrassed (with a torn dress) when going to heaven. Dr.Kim argued there’s no such a thing. For him what matters is a patient die. And being a doctor means you will find a situation when no matter how confidence you think you can save a life, the person ends up dead on the operation table, and you have to live with it for the rest of your life. Shi On insisted that heaven does exist, and Dr.Kim kind of knew it’s useless to argue with Shi On, so he just left.


In the station, all residents were feeling down. Il Kyu was blaming Shi On. Jin Wook who earlier helped Shi On wrapping up the corpse on the OR tried to remind them to see things objectively and not to put the blame on Shi On. Their arguments stopped as Yoon Seo came into the room. She acted as sassy as normal again.

After speaking with Dr.Choi, Do Han received a complain phone from his girlfriend. Chae Kyeong was upset hearing that Do Han’s detention was no longer valid and he had to stay in the hospital. Shi On was still feeling down, his seniors tried cheer him up and made him move from the morgue. Jin Wook hid the duty call from Yoon Seo as he thought she still needed time to take a break. Noticing the absent of Yoon Seo, Kim Do Han asked for her and Jin Wook explained. He got scolded from Dr.Kim for taking the initiative. Yoon Seo went to the morgue and found Shi On was still sitting there alone. Shi On said he wanted to keep staying there despite the fact that it’s scary. Shi On asked if Yoon Seo also thought that heaven doesn’t exist. Yoon Seo said yes. She said that kind of thought is only for family, but not for doctors. For them, as doctors, their goal should be helping patients alive and stay with their parents. Yoon Seo was still blaming herself for not trying her hardest that she lost the patient. she broke the tears finally. Shi On tried to console her. He reached out his hands, but Yoon Seo’s phone was ringing. Kim Do Han was summoning her to the OR.


Live always goes on for doctors. Dr.Kim let Yoon Seo to be in charge for this surgery. He’s pushing Yoon Seo in his “harsh” way that Yoon Seo finally braced herself and said, “I will do it!” Yoon Seo got her juniors helping her in the OR. Dr.Kim was watching from the theater. Yoon Seo tried to do her best. The surgery went well.

Yoon Seo just finished having lunch when she got a call. She asked a woman who works in the cafetaria to bring some food for Shi On. The woman is Shi On’s mother. She was trembling instantly when she recognized her son and went away. In the same time, the parents of late Min came. Shi On gave them the dress and then left. Shi On’s mother remembered Yoon Seo told her that Shi On had not been eating anything the whole day, she decided to cover her face and went back to Shi On. But he’s not there anymore.


Chae Kyeong came to the station when Kim Do Han was arguing with Yoon Seo about whether or not Yoon Seo should be going to the funeral. She said envied Yoon Seo for being able to be with Do Han more often, and the fact that she is pretty and has been his junior for a long time.


Shi On was speaking with In Hae about her dying experience. She said she was so sick but then suddenly the pain went away and slowly she saw a white light and angels and things felt so comfy. But then she said, knowing that she realized it was all because of the medicine. In her opinion, there’s no such a thing of heaven and angels. They’re as myth as Santa Clause.

Yoon Seo decided to go to Min’s funeral, but when she got there Kim Do Han was already there paying respect and talking to the parents. The parents asked Do Han to send their apologize to Dr.Cha and their gratitude to Shi On for staying there until the end.

When Yoon Seo came back to the station and found the lady from the cafetaria was there asking her to give the food for Shi On. She said earlier something important came up so she couldn’t deliver the task. Shi On enjoyed the food. He said it’s a food he used to eat in his hometown and the taste was very much the same as well.
Shi On and male nurse Jo were trying to cheer up a little girl who was sad after hearing In Hae said that heaven didn’t exist.
After that, he went to Min’s funeral but no one was there anymore. He just looked at her picture and said, “You won’t get bored in heaven because my brother and the rabbit will play together with you.”

Yoon Seo was at home writing his paper when Do Han called her and he was outside her house. He tried to talk to her. We know that deep inside he cared so much about Yoon Seo, but not sure about Yoon Seo herself. They ended up making an argument about Shi On as Yoon Seo kind of optimistic that he could succeed, but Kim Do Han thought the opposite way. She wanted to support him and Do Han disliked the idea.


Yoon Seo was on the way back to her place when she saw Shi On. She asked to come in to his place and saw Shi On’s drawing on the wall.
Shi On explained the drawing. It’s not the situation in heaven. He’s explaining it as something like Guns and Roses’s song “Knockin’ on heaven’s door” and Yoon Seo said she got it. She was touched, so she hugged him and Shi On suddenly got hiccup.


They were eating rice roll outside when Yoon Seo took the chance to ask about Shi On’s family. She asked how his brother died. Shi On told her the story and the story about the surgery knife toy.


In the morning, Yoon Seo went into Shi On’s place, but he was still sleeping (topless). At first Shi On was panic (about him being topless and about the time), but Yoon Seo reminded him that she had seen all (for the body) and it’s Sunday (for the time). She came to offer Shi On to bring him to any places he wanted to go to in Seoul. Shi On got a place: a zoo. He liked the zoo so much. He even wore the funny headband all the time. He said animals are kind and cute like children, that’s why he liked them so much. Suddenly Shi On ran away. He could detect something wrong with one of monkeys, that’s why he was suddenly running here and there looking for the vet. Later on while eating  cotton candy, Yoon Seo asked how Shi On also did that to animals (not only children): the way he could detect illness just by watching as if he got the Superman’s x-ray vision. Shi On told her that during his intern time he got plenty of time to come by to the nearby vet.


It seemed that Dr.Kang and his mysterious fellow had started their action. Dr.Choi and Ms.Lee seemed to get a surprising news as they read a document.

There’s a serious situation in the ward. A patient had been attacking the doctors and acted like an animal. She’s so dirty with a very messy hair. Reminded us so much with Wolf boy. Shi On tried to reach for her, but she bit him like she had bitten the other doctor.



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