Good Doctor Episode 7 Summary

The conflict in Good Doctor episode 7 is quite intense.  Struggling to fight the guards, the girl collapsed. The doctors had to perform a surgery immediately.

Park Shi On got all the blame. He kept saying that he didn’t left open the door. He had made sure that the door was close properly. But Dr.Kim didn’t believe him. He didn’t even include Shi On in the operation. Yoon Seo felt bad that she couldn’t defend Shi On properly that he thought she also didn’t believe his words.

Dr.Go was scolding Shi On when Dr. Choi showed up on the door of Dr.Kim’s station. Shi On told him that he did close the door properly, but no one seemed to believe him. Dr.Choi tried to cheer him a little.


In the board meeting, Dr.Choi decided to admit Shi On’s mistake and fulfill his promise to let Shi On go from the hospital. Dr.Go and Dr.Kim Jae Joon demanded Dr.Choi’s promise to leave his position as well. Dr.Kang seemed to defend Dr.Choi, but the hospital chief said he didn’t forget his promise.

Hearing the news about Dr. Choi, Dr.Kim was upset. But promise is a promise and Dr.Choi was a gentleman.

Dr.Choi came to visit Shi On in the station and told him that he could leave the hospital now and wouldn’t be coming anymore. He’s telling Shi On in a very gentle way. Shi On was upset because it meant no one believed in him, but agreed to leave. A female junior doctor was in the station when it happened, so she immediately informed Yoon Seo. Shi On intentionally ignored her call and just left when she tried to catch up and calling out his name. Yoon Seo kind of got it that Shi On must be upset about everything.


A woman who said she’s Eun Ok’s family came, but Yoon Seo, the head nurse and male nurse Jo prevented her from meeting Eun Ok. She looked vicious. She determined to to bring Eun Ok home, but the the doctor and nurses determined to let her stay for two reasons: Eun Ok just had a surgery, so she still had to rest for several days, and the fact that the aunty had treated her like a dog all this time.


Na In Hae heard the news about Shi On, so she called him. At first she’s going to make another prank, but it didn’t work. Later In Hae went out of the hospital to meet Shi On. She found Shi On in the museum where he was sitting and staring at a robot. In Hae said she could guess he was there because Shi On loves robot. She asked why he liked robot? Shi On said because robot stands still and listened to whatever he’s saying. In Hae accompanied Shi On having dinner at a restaurant.


Yoon Seo didn’t tell Shi On’s mom when she asked about him. Then she went to Dr.Choi to apologize for everything that happened and dig a story about Shi On’s parents. Dr.Choi said that Shi On could only remember his brother (and the rabbit) as he was the only family who made him happy. Other than his late brother, Shi On erased other memories, including about his parents. So if ever he met his mom again, he wouldn’t recognize her.

Coming home at night, Yoon Seo found Shi On’s house was still dark. She decided to get into the house and took him out. “Let’s go to the library,” she lied. Shi On was confused as they arrived in the bar where Yoon Seo often go to. Shi On never drink alcohol because he hated the smell, but he agreed to drink one because it was Yoon Seo who treat him. Yoon Seo said, “Go and have all the alcohol here because I will pay for it. And don’t worry, I will get you home safely.” But in the end, it was Shi On who had to piggyback her home.


Dr.Kang found out it was Il Kyu who opened the door. He summoned the guy. At first Il Kyu refused to admit, but Dr.Kang had a solid proof.

Shi On decided to go back to his hometown despite his promise to Yoon Seo. He bid good bye to Dr.Choi and also Yoon Seo. She was very disappointed. Shi On made a heartbreaking video call with Eun Ok through male nurse Jo’s phone.


Dr.Kang reported his finding to Dr.Choi. It was a bit fishy that Dr.Kang was taking side to Dr.Choi, but the hospital chief couldn’t be less grateful to this report.

Shi On’s mom finally found out that Shi On was fired as the nurse told her when she brought them lunch. Yoon Seo didn’t hide it anymore that she knows Shi On’s mom’s identity.


Kim Do Han objected about something. I think this one is related to the hospital administration thingy and about some changes that will happen in the department.

Eun Ok’s aunty came down to the hospital once again with a police. She argued again with the nurses and Yoon Seo started to explode. They determine to keep Eun Ok in the hospital. The aunt said she’s going to bring her to a neighborhood hospital. But no one believed her. And right in that moment, Shi On showed up saying that Eun Ok couldn’t leave the hospital.


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