Good Doctor Episode 9 Summary

Good Doctor episode 9 was smooth without much conflict. The singer boy who threatened to jump off the building refused to listen to anyone. But then Shi On stepped forward and asked if he’s not afraid to die. The boy, Gwi Han, said he was not afraid at all. Shi On said the opposite. He didn’t want to die, because he’s gonna be alone. “My brother and the rabbit are in heaven, but I don’t think I can go there because I make many people felt unhappy. People hate me and call me stupid,” said Shi On. What he meant was, if that kid is gonna die, he’s gonna be alone, no guarantee he’s going to heaven. So better stay alive and enjoy it with people we love. To make it short, the boy got Shi On’s words and agreed to step down the rooftop.


Shi On told the boy’s mom that the boy didn’t hear anything on the player. That boy just hate to listen to other people. The mother gave a thought on the info, but still insisted on not letting his son undergo a surgery.

Dr.Choi knew he was threatened by Dr.Kang, but he tried to fight back though he seemed to be quite a little powerless. Dr.Choi asked Dr.Kim to find a good way to keep Shi On.

Dr.Go was frustrated and sitting alone on the outside bench. Shi On suddenly appeared next to him and offered Dr.Go an ice cream. The upset Dr.Go was about to hit Shi On, but Shi On saw his fingers had the mark of surgery experience and it made Shi On jealous. Dr.Go was surprised by the situation but couldn’t do anything because Shi On’s instantly share about his dream and then just left.

Shi On insisted on being a surgeon instead of Kim Do Han’s disapproval. Dr.Kim wanted him to just be a diagnostic specialist (like dr.Greg House^^) considering his potential and disadvantage situation, but Shi On took it the wrong way. Dr.Kim was so desperate as Shi On refused to listen to him, while Shi On believed that Dr.Kim did that because he hate him. It took Yoon Seo to end the argument. She tried to talk to Shi On.


Dr.Choi asked Shi On if he’s gonna be okay to stay in the hospital if he’s leaving. Shi On asked him back if he’s going somewhere. He denied and make it as an “as if” situation.

Shi On went to the singer boy’s ward and tried to have a talk to him. He shared the boy his dream and later the boy also opened up by telling him his dream: to sing for the children who is underprivileged. Then Shi On brought the boy to Eun Ok and introduced each other. He even taught Eun Ok how to say “oppa” to the boy.


Kim Do Han noticed that Yoon Seo was dealing with her trauma on a operation they had together that day. Later Yoon Seo was having her time alone when Do Han suddenly came to her. He said the encouragement in his own way and managed to lift up her confidence again.


Dr.Kim was meeting Dr.Kang outside and they’re discussing about how to get Park Shi On a promotion in order to lift the hospital’s image. It’s all about politics for Dr.Kang.


Yoon Seo and Shi On spent their spare time together at night outside. Yoon Seo leaned her head to Shi On’s shoulder and it made Shi On’s hiccup occur. she tried to stop it by tickling him, but Shi On refused the idea.

Later on, it’s Yoon Seo’s time to talk to the singer boy. She persuaded him to agree about the surgery.

The boy finally told his mom that his not going out of the hospital, going to get the surgery, and not going to Germany. For him the most important thing was whether he could sing again or not, he just wanted to get better, go back to school, play with his friends again, and eat whatever he wanted to eat. His mom was upset and insisted on going out of that hospital. But Shi On managed to talk to her and the mother and son finally agreed on the same thing. The boy said he didn’t hate his mother, he wanted to get better.

Yoon Seo asked Dr.Kim to let her do the surgery and make Shi On as the first assistant. Dr.Kim instantly refused. Shi On told Dr.Kim that he could do it and it’s his last dream, to do a surgery. He promised not to make any mistake. Dr.Kim gave a thought and finally agreed. He said if his hand started shaking, he should go out. Yoon Seo was excited.

Shi on brought Eun Ok to the boy’s room. She asked him to sing, but Shi On said it’s hard for the boy in this situation. But the boy got an idea. He was singing on the hospital’s live broadcast program, before he got the surgery.

Both Yoon Seo and Shi On prepared for the surgery very seriously. Dr.Kim couldn’t hide his anxiousness, but Yoon Seo promised she would do well.

Finally on the operation day. Dr.Kim decided to attend the surgery to supervise the whole procedure. So far Yoon Seo and Shi On did well on the surgery, until when Yoon Seo was about to do the critical move that can harm the boy’s vocal cords, Shi On disagreed. “Wait, he can still sing.” So Yoon Seo paused.


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