Goodbye Hyun Bin, See You in the Next Two Years

Finally, it really happened. My beloved oppa, Hyun Bin, today started his duty as a citizen ooohhhhh…frankly I’m not ready to say goodbye. Today is mourning day for us (wait a minute, it’sonly me I think, Rizz look normal while I look desperate). Starting from today, March 7th at 1.30 p.m he was starting military basic training for 7 weeks in military camp at Segyeri, then he will join the marines corps for 21 months. He will be discharged on December 6th, 2012.

I was very sad seeing him saying farewell with teary eyes and giving a deep bow to his fans, even I almost cried. He promised to become a better man after he’s discharged from army. And actually, he looked cute and younger with his ‘new’ haircut.

Actually I feel desperate not only because Hyun Bin. I feel gloomy because I imagine that my ‘world’ will be very lonely. Hyun Bin just entered army, Joo Ji Hoon just started his military service last year, Jo In Seong will come out this summer (on July). Gong Yoo until know have no signs to begin his drama project, So Ji Seob busy with his photo essays and singing-suicide-project, Won Bin apparently no longer wishes to play on drama as well as Jang Dong Gun. And me, feel sorrow here…

Back to Hyun Bin, although without his lover, Song Hye Kyeo, Hyun Bin was still grateful because he has been getting much love from his buddies and his fans who were willing came to see him before enlisted on marines corps. In the cold weather they came not only from Korea, but from Japan and Hong Kong … wow .. oppa, your charm is really able to enchant all us.

Hyun Bin-ssi, goodbye and goodluck … For me personally, I would like to express many thanks to Hyun Bin because of him my life for several months were dynamic, Yups .. I was busy writing articles about him, it’s also because I really liked it, it’s very enjoyable .. .. thanks oppa, have become a (like) passion for me. see you two years later … and I also promise I’ll be good  who faithful waiting for you ….

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2 Responses to Goodbye Hyun Bin, See You in the Next Two Years

  1. i’m really so sad seeing hyun bin with his teary eyes and saying goodbye to his beloved supported fans. i love you oppa hyun bin

  2. we are waiting for you oppa hyun bin.
    i really really miss you hyun bin.

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