Hyun Bin as Soldier on Marine Pictorial Book

Actually it’s a boon for marine corps when Hyun Bin decided to entered marine corps for his duties on March. Same with commercial products, the military units also need some promotions. The privilege for marine corps they have Hyun Bin, the most eligible ambassador for promoting their unit.

And actually soon Hyun Bin will publish pictorial book which contains his pictures from military training from marine corps. The book will showing the whole process of soldiers activities, and sure will be more focus on Kim Tae Pyung (Hyun Bin’s real name) since he’s the “main role”. The book title “I’m a Marine” (나는 해병이다), simple but pretty suitable for his passion on the marine corps. Hyun Bin release this book for sharing his experience on army, or maybe also for encouraging others to join on marine corps.

On that book, Hyun Bin appeared as the real person, not part of an acting, even not being Kim Tae Pyung, he just an ordinary soldier on marine corps who struggles on his hard training. Like one of his statements on that book “I want to discover a new me while in the army, not as actor Hyun Bin, not as human being Kim Tae Pyung, I just want to find another me that i’m never discovered before”

Sometimes he looks so tired, tense, and enthusiastic during the training. Oh God…i miss him… T_T

The book will be published next month, precisely on August 8th.

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  1. hyun bin oppa , take care there
    i love you , and please come back soon :)

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