Grateful Video from Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho realized the benefits of information technology for his career, after launching his official twitter account, it seems he is also active in caring for his Facebook account, recently he post a video for his fans on Facebook account.
In video, Lee appears simple, and I think he look little chubby. Frankly, I don’t like his haircut which covers his eyes, making his face unclearly seen.
He is grateful for his fans, because his friends on facebook has reached one million in numbers… Wow!
As a means to say thanks, this September he will be busy preparing an event dedicated to his fans. He called it “Facebook 1 Million Event.”
I just knew this actor was very humble, he even promised to try to reply any questions from fans by himself (directly!) .. oooh your so sweet Min Ho oppa ;)


[image&video source]

4 Responses to Grateful Video from Lee Min Ho

  1. ^ _ ^ keep it up !

  2. any more new movies coming up next years

  3. yah/ movie…then, anyway love personal taste … hehehe really cute story… i like you and son ye jin….

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