Stills from “City Hunter” Set

On June 6th, the City Hunter was filming for their 5-6th episode to be aired on June 8th. There’s a scene where Yoon Seong (Lee Min Ho) was putting a small bandage on Kim Na Na’s wounded face (Park Min Yeong). Look at how tense their faces were…I think inside their heart were beating fast to have skins touch each other. So it seems that the love story has really started between the two characters.

Well, actually i’ve been very upset that I hadn’t had a real chance to watch each full episode of this drama while I’ve been looking forward to so badly. With Blossom isn’t around this whole time i’ve had no more spare time to really sit and watch this drama. I really wish I can write the summary for City Hunter.. T_T

This drama has a quite complicated premise that put everyone in a very bad situation which I assume can lead to an unhappy ending. But I hope it won’t. I hope the love story would go beautifully and Yoon Seong could finally find his birth mother and forgive the man whom he calls “Dad.” If I can have only one word to describe this drama, it’d be… SEXY. Well, apart from Lee Min Ho’s more mature figure, I think this drama gives us a different visual performance…hmm, hard to describe. Anyway, really wish one of us can start our summary project on this drama.


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