Gu Family Book Episode 11 Quick Summary

This episode of Gu Family Book started when Kang Chi was so cheerful getting his chicken soup. While he was eating, the old master asked what he wanted to do in the near future. Kang Chi said that he wanted to protect Tae Seo and Cheong Jo and bring everyone live together again in Park Resident like it was before. The old master then asked him what if those people did think of him as a family anymore (regarding Kang Chi’s condition). Kang Chi didn’t say anything.

The scene moved to the gisaeng house. Cheong Jo was panic. She threatened to kill herself. Gisaeng Cheon slapped her on her face and told her that the best thing to fight the cruel world is to stay alive until the end.


Dam Yeo Wool asked Kang Chi if he’s really going to do what Tae Seo asked: to run away with Cheong Jo. Kang Chi was in a full conscience of himself being not a human, he had no confidence. He said that he’s not sure if Cheong Jo could except his condition.
Yeo Wool said that it didn’t matter as long as he showed her his sincere feelings, show her that he’s Choi Kang Chi, that’s all. She said she knew it because she’s also a woman. Kang Chi laughed at it. For him Dam Yeo Wool is different from Cheong Jo, in terms of the way they’re brought up. Cheong Jo was brought up as a true girl, while Yeo Wool…you know. But Yeo Wool insisted that she’s also a girl. Anyway, Kang Chi was still considering about the plan.

Mr.Dam was watching from a far how his daughter and Kang Chi joking together and became friends. Mr.Dam remembered his conversation with the old master that he was the one who killed Kang Chi’s father 20 years ago. I think he started to worry that Yeo Wool would end up like Seo Hwa.

Cheong Jo got a visitor: her old maid. The maid brought something and a bad news: her mother’s death. Cheong Jo was so sad, but the maid told her that her brother survived. Then the senior gisaengs burst into the room. They inspected what the maid brought for Cheong Jo. It turned out to be beautiful accessories. Mr.Jo sent them for Cheong Jo. Then the gisaeng told the maid that Cheong Jo would be sleeping with Mr.Jo later tonight. Mr.Jo saw the workers was discussing the news brought from the gisaeng house and they would deliver it to Kang Chi. Mr.Jo was planning to kill Kang Chi that night.


This terrible news soon was delivered to Kang Chi. He decided to move soon. Yeo Wool kind of knew that it might be a trap for Kang Chi. Yeo Wool insisted on going with him. Of course both Kang Chi and Geon opposed the idea, but Yeo Wool was as stubborn as she always did. Then the worker who delivered the news asked KAng Chi if Tae Seo should know about it. Kang Chi decided to tell TAe Seo later for not making him worry. But Tae Seo was just outside the door. He overheard the conversation and looked very upset before going. The master met him and asked what happened. But Tae Seo didn’t say anything.

At the gisaeng house, Cheong Jo and Gisaeng Cheon was so tense waiting for Mr.Jo’s coming. Gisaeng Cheon decided to turn off all lanterns. And when Mr.Jo arrived, he found Gisaeng Cheon was sitting on the front courtyard. She was preventing Mr.Jo to come in. She told that man that he could not get in because of the incident 20 years ago when the same case happened and a girl killed herself. Gisaeng Cheon insisted on protecting her girls.


Mr.Jo was upset and he was drawing his sword,ready to kill Gisaeng Cheon. Right that time, Kang Chi came. He thanked Gisaeng Cheon for protecting Cheong Jo’s feelings. And Mr.Jo was ready with his plan. He had his men surrounding KAng Chi immediately. KAng Chi remembered what Yeo Wool told him. She got a plan.


The main target was to bring Cheong Jo out, so KAng Chi should not fight. While KAng Chi was distracting Mr.Jo’s men in the village, Yeo Wool was bringing Cheong Jo out of the house. Kang Chi had several back up in the village: some men dressed like him. While Kang Chi was still distracting Mr.Jo’s men, Tae Seo came to Mr.Jo’s bodyguard.

Meanwhile Geon was staying in the house, waiting for Yeo Wool. The Master approached him and asked why he always so worry about Yeo Wool. Geon said that he’s Yeo Wool’s shadow. Yeo Wool brought Cheong Jo to a safe hiding. She introduced herself as Mr.Dam’s daughter, Dam Yeo Wool. Then Kang Chi came. Cheong Jo couldn’t stand not to cry in Kang Chi’s arms right away. Yeo Wool was watching it with a bitter smile on her face. You know that kind of small a few seconds and bitter look the rest of hours…


She came home in the morning and Geon was welcoming her with a warm smile. Other guys, Kang Chi and Cheong jo also came.

Cheong jo finally reunited with Tae Seo. It was an emotional moment for the poor siblings.

Meanwhile Mr.Dam was visiting The Monk. He was asking the Monk if Kang Chi could really became a real human. The Monk told him about the incident the moment Mr.Dam killed Kang Chi’s father. One of the ways is through a sincere love of a woman. Mr.Dam remembered his daughter. He kind of predict what would happen to her daughter if he let her too close to Kang Chi.

When Mr.Dam came home, he was surprised seeing Cheong Jo was there. For him it’s a very dangerous condition if Mr.Jo found the girl was there. He was angry for this reckless action. Yeo wool said it was her plan, so she was responsible for what happened. Tae Seo said it’s all because he asked Kang Chi to save Cheong Jo. But then Kang Chi came in and said that he would bring Cheong Jo out of the place.
Yeo Wool against the idea, but when Kang Chi asked for TAe Seo’s permission, Tae Seo gave his blessing.


Cheong jo saw the dragon and arrow statue standing at the front courtyard of Mr.Dam’s house. She remembered the same symbol on her powder case. And she remembered when she was younger, Dam Yeo Wool gave her one and then she threw it to the lake. Then she saw KAng Chi and Yeo Wool arguing.

Kang Chi followed Yeo Wool to her quarter. Yeo Wool was upset that Kang Chi was just leaving like that. She reminded him that he came to her house as a way to become a human. And now Kang Chi was giving up that easy. Kang Chi said he had to protect Cheong Jo. Yeo Wool still couldn’t accept that argument. Kang Chi tried to calm Yeo Wool down. “Listen to me, Dam-goon.Listen to me, Yeo Wool!” Kang Chi held Yeo Wool’s shoulder. Yeo Wool was startled as it was the first time he called her with her name. That means Kang Chi was seeing her as a woman at that time. But Yeo Wool shrugged him and went into the room, crying. Kang Chi talked to Yeo Wool from behind the door. He thanked her for everything. And he said that he would never forget her and everything that had happened between them. Kang Chi was also sad because of this.


Mr.Jo summoned the gang leader, Kang Chi’s old rival, to catch Kang Chi.

Kang Chi was saying an official goodbye to Mr.Dam, Geon and the old man. But Yeo Wool was not there. Yeo Wool was trying to clear her mind by practicing her fighting skill. “I want to say goodbye…” KAng Chi whispered in his heart and looked back once again. “Live well, Dam Yeo Wool.” Mr.Dam knew this the best for the children, for his child. He didn’t want the incident 20 years ago happened again to his daughter.

Kang Chi and Cheong Jo was saying goodbye to Tae Seo from a far. But Tae Seo seems to have an evil plan…


Kang Chi and Cheong Jo were walking in the forest already. Mr.Jo’s men were already there. Surprisingly, it was Tae Seo who leaked the information. He was still under that man’s spell. He believed that it was the best way to save Cheong Jo and to kill Kang chi.

Cheong Jo and Kang Chi were taking a rest for awhile. Cheong Jo said that Kang Chi had not been saying anything since they left Mr.DAm’s house. Kang Chi said that he just had so many things in his mind. Cheong Jo thought that Kang Chi was a little different.
Kang Chi said that he had something to tell her. Kang Chi said that he finally found out who his parents were. But when he was about to tell about his father, the annoying gang leader and Mr.Jo’s men were there to catch him. They immediately put chain on Kang Chi.
They were so surprised when TAe Seo suddenly came with a sword in his hand. Tae Seo said this is the only way for him to protect Cheong Jo. Then Tae Seo grabbed KAng Chi’s hand. He’s aiming for the beads. Kang Chi begged him not to take it away. But TAe Seo took it away.


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