Gu Family Book Episode 3 Quick Summary

In this episode of Gu Family Book, our most anticipated lead character Lee Seung Gi as Choi Kang Chi finally shows up! Well, let’s get started with the quick recap.

In the night Seo Hwa delivered the baby, the Monk ran to the cave as he saw the blue fireflies. Seo Hwa’s condition was bad, psychologically. She was worried about the future of her half-beast baby. The monk gave her food and the wooden stick Wol Ryeong had on the day he died.

After leaving her son with the monk, Seo Hwa went to the city bringing the wooden stick in her hands, walking in full grunge towards Office.Jo. she managed to scratch Officer Jo’s face, but on the second attempt she was killed by Officer’s Jo’s bodyguard.


Seo Hwa was leaving a letter to the monk and also her baby. So it was the monk who intentionally sent the baby away on the river. And the next scene was the scene we saw in the end of previous episode. The Monk put a bead bangle on the baby’s wrist. The crying baby suddenly stop crying. He made the nobleman who take in the baby to promise him that he won’t let the beads off that kid’s hand ever.

The nobleman took the baby into his resident, which was a very large property with lots of guards and workers, and they always had foreign traders welcomed in their place. It seems that Mr.Park was a very wealthy man whose business was from foreign trading.
And that nobleman was not only sooooo rich, but also very wise and generous. He forgave a man who tried to steal from his storage and even gave him a grocery.

An old man was storytelling to little children in the village. Suddenly a boyish girl cut him off and asked question. The monk had his eyes on her.


Meanwhile, in the Park resident, the workers were looking for Kang Chi. He seemd to make some troubles with a gang. They were looking for him. A young man, Park Tae Seo came to face them instead.
The devil on the run was actually going to a girl’s quarter. Kang Chi and the girl, Park Cheong Jo grow up together, but it seems that KAng Chi’s feeling was more than just brother and sister. During Joseon era, of course it’s forbidden for man to get into girl’s resident. The girl’s mother who suddenly showed up sensed that KAng Chi was just there. She reminded her daughter that no matter he’s been like a brother for her, he’s still not her brother.


Park Tae Seo finally found Kang Chi and told him that the gang was looking for him. KAng Chi was facing the vicious gang leader very casually, and even tend to be provocative. It seemd that the gang was issuing him for money..or sort of. Unlike Park Tae Seo who was trying to mediate the two fighting parties, Kang Chi liked challenge more. Tae Seo offered the gang an amount of money.
Then Kang Chi offered more amount 50 yang, but with one condition, they had to be able to pull off the broom he had planted on the paving (considering his beyond human’s power). Instead of trying to pull the broom off, the gang was chasing KAng Chi instead. They were making a mess in the resident. They were fighting even as far as the girl’s resident.
The fight stopped as Mr.Park decided to get involved. The wise man made Kang Chi knelt in front of the gang and gave the gang 50 yang KAng Chi had promised them. The Nobleman was teaching Kang Chi to grow as a good man.

Mrs. PArk seemed to dislike KAng Chi that much. She wanted that kid to leave the resident soon. Then the scene shifted back to the old days. One night the pregnant Mrs.Park begged her husband to send the stranger baby away. She was afraid about her own safety. She had experienced miscarriage before. Then they heard baby Kang Chi was crying. His forehead was hurt because something knocked on him. But suddenly his red beads fell and the wound magically healed by itself. The freaking Mrs.Park suddenly need to do the labor  This time both baby and mother survived. Mr.Park got first son. And not only that, the boats taking his trades were arriving. So just like the Monk had told him before, the baby would bring him fortune. So Mr.Park noticed that Choi Kang Chi was a kind of magical baby.

Kang Chi was still kneeling on the front yard. He felt hungry. Cheong Jo brought him apple. She suggested Kang Chi to do better things. Kang Chi straight forwardly asked if she liked him. Kang Chi counted to wait for her answer, and he got it. Cheong Jo gave him a kiss on his cheek. Kang Chi was so happy. Mrs.Park witnessed the scene.


Dam Yeo Wool was frustrated to end up being alone all her life as the fortune teller told her bad info on her romance life. She was traveling with her bodyguard, Geon-ee. The monk seemed to follow her, because he sat in the same eating place as her and the bodyguard. He talked to Yeo Wool and she asked the Monk if he could get her a different telling about her romance life in the future. The monk told her that what she had to do was waiting as someone would come to her life soon. Then he gave her a hint of what she had to do next when that someone come to her.

Mr.PArk received a very important message. Meanwhile Tae Seo was trying to make Kang Chi sit and study. Suddenly, Cheong Jeo’s maid came to him to hand a letter. Apparently it was Mrs.PArk who sent the maid. So I don’t think it’s a good think.

Apparently the person Mr.Park need to see was Officer Dam. They seemed to have a good relationship.

Tae Seo came to the study and found it empty. Kang Chi came to the place where it was mentioned in the letter. The maid went out from a shed telling him to get in. When Kang Chi get in, turned out it was Mrs.PArk who was waiting for him there. She straight forwardly told him that she was against Kang Chi’s intention to her daughter. Kang Chi told her that his feelings was sincere for Cheong Jeo
But Mrs. Park was getting more upset. She had some men with her to deal with Kang Chi.

Officer Jo came to the town. Yeo Wool and Geon apparently on a mission on keeping their eyes on the arriving Mr.Jo. They sent a pigeon with a message.

Mrs.Park told Kang Chi to leave Park Family right away. Kang Chi was confused as for him PArk family was his family. Mrs.Park didn’t care. She just wanted him to leave. Kang Chi was tied and was beaten by some guards. The angry Kang Chi ran away in anger. The guards fought him with bitter feelings as they knew each other well.

Yeo Wool stepped in to help Kang Chi. She fought with the guards. Meanwhile the drugged Kang Chi slowly lost his consciousness.As Yeo Wool tried to help KAng Chi flee, her hat was flown away and her identity as a girl was revealed. But the drugged Kang Chi thought she was Cheong Jo. He managed to prevent her from being hurt by a guard before he totally fell unconscious on her shoulder. “Cheong Jo, don’t worry. I will protect you.” That’s what he said before black out. Yeo Wool suddenly saw many blue fireflies around them.



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  1. Gosh, I can’t wait to watch the 3rd episode! Reading you recap just made my day. ><

  2. 3rd episode. The suspense is killing me. I want to watch the episode with my very own eyes. But, thanks a lot 4 the recap, put my heart at ease a bit.

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