Gu Family Book Episode 16 Quick Summary

Gu Family Book episode 16 is the time for Kang Chi to get back other people’s trust. The father finally confront his son, while the mother was making deal with Tae Seo.

Wol Ryeong confronted Kang Chi: “So you are Seo Hwa’s son? The monk said you’re looking for Gu Family Book. Are you looking for that book because of the girl, Dam Yeo Wool?” Kang Chi’s reception was of course emotional: “What do you care about me wanting to be a human?” Wol Ryeong: “You know who I am anyway.” Then Wol Ryeong played harsh. He pushed Kang Chi and tried to choke him. He said for Kang Chi to better forget about that plan and leave human world. Kang Chi refused to live alone leaving those he love behind and be like him. “To live as a human is my dream!” he proclaimed.


The old master came to rescue Kang Chi. But Wol Ryeong was too strong. Kang Chi screamed, “Nooo..!” And everyone heared his scream. Kang Chi took off his beads and changed into his beast mode. He’s about to fight, but he just gave one scratch and then Wol Ryeong disappeared already. Kang Chi cured the old master with his blood, but Mr.Dam came and put him in a difficult situation.


Tae Seo asked Seo Hwa if she’s from Korea and why she’s interested in his sister. Seo Hwa was offering Tae Seo a deal related to fighting Mr.Jo and saving her sister.


Geon reported to Yeo Wool about what happened to Kang Chi. But she couldn’t do anything. Kang Chi was held by the warriors and the old master had not yet woken up. Admiral Lee paid a visit.

Kang Chi insisted on talking to Mr.Dam, but the warriors held him. Admiral Lee stepped forward and talked to him instead. Kang Chi tried to explain to Mr.Lee that it was not him who hurt the old master. But it seemed trusting Kang Chi was so hard for everyone. Mr.Dam said he had no choice but to make him leave. But Kang Chi defended himself and insisted on staying to proof his innocence.
He said that he still had 2 more days to go to protect 5 bells on his belt. If within the next 2 days he failed, he would leave voluntary.

Yeo Wool fled her training. She talked to Kang Chi, and of course she’s the only one who 100% trust Kang Chi. She’s worried about him so much and went out to just make sure everything was okay. But Geon showed up suddenly and cut one more bell on Kang Chi’s belt. And Yeo Wool was picked up by her trainer.


The old master finally woke up. The junior warrior was the one who was with him. That old man whispered to the young boy, Seong, something. He immediately went to the kitchen where Kang Chi was alone holding the old master’s broom.

Then Kang Chi came to Geon asking to let him go to the village. He said that all this time the village and everyone got the rumor about him being half human thanks to Mr.Jo. So he’s planning to clear that right in front of Mr.Jo himself. He asked Geon to back him up, and let Yeo Wool to participate…of course, she’s the key element in this plan. Yeo Wool was visited by Seong when Geon distracted her trainer. She managed to flee.

Kang Chi showed up in the middle of the crowd in the village. He got everyone’s attention and announced, “Those who’re curious about me being a gumiho’s son, rise your hands!” After the villagers rising their hands, Kang Chi told them to follow him to Mr.Jo’s place.

Meanwhile in Mr.Jo’s place, Mr.Lee came to talk to him. Mr.Lee’s reason was to talk about Kang Chi. He warned Mr.Jo to be careful if he had any bad plan related to KAng Chi, so he should better be staying quiet. Mr.Jo then confronted about Mr.Lee’s plan to build a ship. Mr.Lee asked how he could know such information. Mr.Jo couldn’t answer.

That time, Kang Chi’s voice calling Mr.Jo’s attention was heard from outside. The two Mr.Park’s former workers welcomed him. The old man Kang Chi called as father asked what’s going on. “Father, I’m here because everyone doesn’t believe that I’m your son, Mr.Choi, not a gumiho’s son.” Mr.Lee and Mr.Jo came out. When Mr.Lee asked what’s going on, Kang Chi said that there has been a rumor spread by irresponsible people that he’s a gumiho’s son while he’s the son of Mr.Choi, the man who worked in that resident.


Mr.Jo asked Kang Chi to take off his beads. Kang Chi refrained as Yeo Wool was not there yet. But as soon as Yeo Wool showed up, he just took the beads off without any hesitation. The gust of wind did come, but he stayed human. Those who knew his secret wondered how that could happen. “I don’t know either why having Yeo Wool beside me is enough,” Kang Chi said in his heart. Mr.Jo was upset. His bodyguard was making a move, but Geon moved fast to hold him. Then all the warriors of Mr.Dam and Mr.Dam himself showed up. Mr.Dam announced that Kang Chi was under his protection. When the crowd started to disperse, Kang Chi and Yeo Wool were having that “the world is ours only” situation. They talked and smiled at each other indifferent of other people. Cheong Jo and Tae Seo could see it very clearly.


Geon was confronting Kang Chi and the warriors. It was the young Seong who defended Kang Chi. Geon left only one more bell for Kang Chi to protect for the rest of the day.

Kang Chi came to the old master to submit his answer for the beans counting task. “The answer is one sack. No matter how many beans in the sack, what matters is it’s one sack.” The answer was actually correct, but the old master gave Kang Chi a blur answer.

Gisaeng Cheon had her spy reporting to her about Mr.Jo’s guest. The woman said that the lady had a particular gisaeng tattoo on one shoulder and paw mark on another. Gisaeng Cheon wondered if the lady is Seo Hwa.


Yeo Wool escaped from her training again to meet up with Kang Chi out of the house. What Kang Chi wanted to show her, or give her actually, is the remaining one bell he could successfully protect. They were talking when suddenly the warriors were coming. So they hid behind the bush. Their faces were so close and their situation really supported the mood. So Kang Chi made his move…and it was so close…but suddenly Seong’s voice heard calling him. Mr.Dam summoned Kang Chi. After sending Seong away, Kang Chi and Yeo Wool was having their awkward moment again. Yeo Wool told him, “Go to father, quickly.” Kang Chi was about to leave when he came back and grabbed Yeo Wool’s shoulders. Kang Chi leaned forward and looked at her very seriously. But all he said, “Goodnight.”
After Kang Chi left, someone kidnapped Yeo Wool.


Mr.Dam asked Kang Chi who hurt the old master. Kang Chi was about to tell him when the trainer came to report Yeo Wool’s missing. “She should have come back in,” said Kang Chi, and then he just left to look for her where he lad left her.
Kang Chi only found the bell. He knew it was Wol Ryeong who kidnapped Yeo Wool.


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  1. Thank you so much for the fast recap! This show is finally getting interesting, now that Daddy Gumiho is back and in full evil force!

  2. Amanda Torentika

    Thank you so muchhhhhhhhh , saranghaeeee ♡♡♡♡

  3. Amazing!! u r really fast! Thank u so much…
    I think WR is a true daddy when he ask (order/push) KC to forget the will to become human bcoz a woman like he did. A daddy who doesn’t want his son fail like him. In his eyes, woman can’t be trusted. Of course he doesn’t know that YW is much different from SH. WR come back as an evil so, it’ll be very interesting when he meet SH again. Before they both die, i hope KC & parents can be reconciled as a family.
    I’m proud of KC’s action to handle rumours about him. Happy for the progress of KC&YW, hope the two dads won’t take long to realize & give their support for their children :) Mondayyyy, please coming soon hhhhh it’s still Wedn :D

  4. dewi nur alfaizah

    thank you so much…… am i very like this drama, verry cuts,,,,,, hoyeeeee kayao!!!!

  5. Thank you for writing the quick summary. I felt so good after reading the story of the night’s broadcast.

  6. lovemesomedramas

    AMAZING!!! Finally we see some action, even though it wasn’t the actual action we wanted, but SUPER VERY close. Maybe in ep 17 or 18 they will kiss and it will make are stomaches get butterflies because of the teases from before. I know that WR really cares for his son, the way he got mad when KC told him to go away, so teenager like lol, but WR just wants his son to be ok and not suffer like he did. I’m glad that he feels that fatherly love even though he is a demon. I think that maybe ,if it happens, WR will protect his son from anyone trying to kill him or hurt him in some way. He may even risk his life for KC, who knows! As for KC’s mom , I can’t wait until she meets him!! Everyone has been saying that she might be thinking TS is her son, but she made it perfectly clear that she knew her son was around TS’s age so she may be using him to get to her KC. I think once she sees KC she will defiantly know it’s him (motherly instincts i guess). This drama is giving me many feels!! I thought that it will drag its story , but it hasn’t…yet and hopefully it stays awesome until the end. Can’t wait until Monday !! I’m more excited about this drama than my graduation ceremony this Saturday :P

    Thank for recap!!

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