Gu Family Book Episode 19 Quick Summary

Gu Family Book episode 19 is the time for Kang Chi to deal with his parents…with their different issues.

The story went back to the time when Seo Hwa attacked Mr.Jo 20 years ago. Apparently, he had a Japanese guess and the guess witnessed everything. After the guards took Mr.Jo away, the Japanese man checked on Seo Hwa and cofirmed her death. However, he sent some of his men to pick up Seo Hwa’s body at night. He knew that Seo Hwa was not dead in the first place.


Then back to the present. Kang Chi fell unconscious.

Gisaeng Cheon interrogated Cheong Jo’s maid. Then she sent the information to Mr.Dam. And soon the news spread by Geon to both Yeo Wool and Cheong Jo. Yeo Wool was being emotional and was about to leave for saving Kang Chi. Geon tried to make her stay. But it was Cheong Jo’s words that calmed her a bit: “I heard that Kang Chi’s mother is still alive.”

Mr. Jo challenged the lady. She complained the way Mr.Jo treated Kang Chi by saying that what she’s looking for is the map, not this kind of torture. So he should stick to the order: just bring her the damn map! Seo Hwa tried to hold her emotion in front of Mr. Jo but shaking badly as soon as she was alone in her room, thinking about KAng Chi.


And Mr.Jo continued his interrogation on Kang Chi. Then Mr.Jo told Kang Chi about his mother Yoon Seo Hwa. Kang Chi became very emotional about this topic of “conversation.”

Gisaeng Cheon worked together with Tae Seo to save Kang Chi. She gave something to Tae Seo, a pill, that would help Kang Chi’s condition and that guy handed that pill to the two workers in the inn.

Yeo Wool changed into her field costume again and ready to save Kang chi. She explained to the trainer what Kang Chi meant to her and that’s why she should let her go. Yeo Wool went to the village and found the gang leader and asked for a favor.

Mr.Choi went into the room where they kept Kang Chi. His mission was to deliver food for the guards, and give one to Kang Chi as well. The guard threw the rice into the floor and Mr.Choi helped cleaning the rice and showed Kang Chi the pill. But when Kang Chi was about to eat it, the guard kicked the rice away.

After talking to Seo Hwa, Mr.Jo had to face the uninvinted guests: the village gang. While the gang was making a protest on the courtyard, Yeo Wool came to save Kang Chi. While she’s fighting the guards, Kang Chi was still trying to get the pill. Mr.Jo who was busy with the gang suddenly sensed something fishy. He went to the shed where he kept Kang Chi immediately and caught Yeo Wool as well, after beating the gang leader. What they didn’t know was Kang Chi managed to eat the pill.


Mr.Jo showed Kang Chi in his beast mode to the public. It was Mr.Choi who begged Mr.Jo to spare Kang Chi. Of course Mr.Jo was not a man with mercy. He had his men beating Mr.Choi and it made KAng Chi furious. He managed to release himself form the chain and fought the guards. He was about to attack Mr.Jo when suddenly Seo Hwa’s samurai stepped forward. Seo Hwa showed up, in hanbok instead of kimono. Kang Chi passed out again. Mr.Jo ordered to finish Kang chi and Seo Hwa couldn’t stay quiet anymore. She gave up. She revealed her identity as the same person, Yoon Seo Hwa, he knew 20 years ago…so what would he do about that?


Mr.Dam and Mr.Lee got another issue to concern besides Kang Chi: Wol Ryeong. Mr.Dam consulted to The Monk. The Monk said that the only person who could deal with Wol Ryeong was Kang Chi only.

Seo Hwa brought Kang Chi into the room to be treated. Mr.Choi shared the story about Kang Chi that Seo Hwa had missed so far. He told her that the person who was really like a father to Kang Chi was not him, but the late Mr.Park. But Seo Hwa coldly said that she didn’t want to talk about Kang Chi anymore as she had buried the memory. Apparently Kang Chi heard that.


And it was time for Seo Hwa to get the deal she had made with Tae Seo. What she said was a kind of betraying Joseon and Tae Seo against it, but had no choice. Seo Hwa reminded him what that country had given to him? His father died because the justice betrayed him. His little sister has become a gisaeng. His whole life become a mess. “So what this country had given you??!” Well, who blamed her for hating Joseon so much..she shared the same history as Tae Seo.


Kang Chi was feeling better physically, but not psychologically of course and was going out. He met Seo Hwa on the courtyard. “Are you leaving now?” asked Seo Hwa. “Yes,” said Kang Chi. “Then leave safely.” “Okay.” Kang Chi almost reached the gate when he turned back.


“Hmm..anyway…” he paused “Do you hate me that much?” he asked. “You threw me away to the river like that. Well, I’m just curious and just want to ask that.” Seeing his mother just went speechless, he just said, “Never mind. Excuse me.” and then left. Seo Hwa just broke down and cried alone.


In the gisaeng house, Cheong Jo had her way to avenge Kang Chi to Wol Seon. She also warned her maid that she won’t forgive anyone who against her.

Meanwhile Kang Chi was leaving, Yeo Wool and the gang leader were still kept in the shed. Kang Chi came to save them both.But of course KAng chi saved Yeo Wool first and they were drawn in their lovey dovey conversation, hugging…and forget the gang leader.
“What’s wrong KAng Chi?” asked Yeo Wool when Kang Chi hugged her. “Nothing..just want to hug you..” Yeo Wool patted him. They put the gang leader in an awkward situation,as he thought Yeo Wool was a guy.

Kang Chi and Yeo Wool were welcomed by Geon and the junior warrior. Then they had dinner together with the old master. While everyone was cheerful, Kang Chi couldn’t be fully happy. At first it was only Yeo Wool who noticed it, but actually everyone too as he’s shedding tears. Of course Kang Chi’s excuse was the food taste so well, but everyone kind of knew the truth.

Kang Chi examined his homework from Gisaeng Cheon then went to Geon. He said he knew that he’s the only one who should and could deal with his father.

Mr.Jo found something strange with his guard. A ninja came with a sword pointing at him. but then suddenly there’s a splash of blood.


Wol Ryeong was standing in front of the inn.

Yeo Wool was visiting Seo Hwa. She came to discuss about Kang Chi.

When Kang Chi and Geon arrived back at the courtyard, they found Mr.Dam. He asked Kang Chi to take off his beads and fight him. Mr.Dam had his sword pointing at KAng Chi and ready for a fight.

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  1. You’re so fast!! Appreciate your efforts alot!

    • Hi ! I really like what you do, your summaries are very good =D You seems to know by heart all the episode, so I wanted to ask you : do you remember when Cheong Jo said something about first love and last love ? Something like : first love help to grow and last love another thing. I really want to find that quotation and find the scene. thanks a lot =D

  2. waw.. Thank you so much.. I’m so curious about this drama.

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  12. First of all, thank you so much for your fast recap. It’s always the quickest:) Hiks poor KC, but i like SH’s progress. She is more tough than she was young, at least not think suicide as the only way out. And we can see how she loves her KC in her way hhhh but i still feel pitty for KC. One big hurrayyyy for WR visit GW hahahaha but i hope WR won’t forget that evilman. Please writer, don’t make his amnesia to do evil thing under GW’s order =.=’ i’d like to see WR meet SH soon, hope the best for KC’s fam ^^

  13. Oooh, thanks guys for keep coming here for reading my recap.
    I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to respond comments or join the discussions since I’m very busy with school lately.
    But I read all. And I love this story as much as you all do. And to see Kang Chi struggling is a bit hard, poor him. But surely he will a way to fix his issues with both his mom and dad :)
    And one more thing, I have to praise Suzy for his clever acting as Yeo Wool..
    Still three more episodes to go and I’m preparing for Ep.20 by now :)

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