Gu Family Book Episode 8 Quick Summary

Admiral Lee Sun Shin came to help Kang Chi. Mr.Jo insisted that Kang Chi was accused as a murderer, so Mr.Lee couldn’t bring him away. Mr.Lee said that he didn’t believe Kang Chi killed Mr.Park, nor he believed that Mr.Park was guilty for treason. Mr.Lee kind of strike back the Magistrate and Mr.Jo that if they’re making Kang Chi as their scapegoat. Mr.Jo could guarantee that Kang Chi was not guilty.

Mr.Lee held Kang Chi’s shoulder hardly to calm him down and Kang Chi remembered the way Mr.Park did the same gesture to him. So Kang chi took a good control of his temper, for awhile.


Mr.Lee gave Kang Chi a mission that he had to accomplish within the day. At first Kang Chi was being stubborn. What matter for him was to make clear that the real criminal was Mr.Jo. He was okay by killing those criminals and then had to live in hiding for the rest of his life as he was a human anyway. Mr.Lee said he was saving Kang Chi’s life to help him and help the late Mr.Park. Kang Chi asked why he should listen to Mr.Lee. “You should listen to me as a person whom Mr.Park had asked to help you,” Mr.Lee told Kang Chi.

So Kang Chi was set free, but he had to come back within a day. Mr.Lee wrote an a guarantee letter that he signed with his blood and gave it to Mr.Jo and the Magistrate.

Mr.Jo was upset that he couldn’t kill Kang Chi through formal execution. But he had already plan B. He used another method to get rid of Kang Chi. During his torturing Tae Seo, he had his bodyguard slash ninja to brain washed Tae Seo. He made Tae seo believe that the one who killed his father was Kang Chi.Apparently, Tae Seo believed it.


Kang Chi was thinking of ignoring Mr.Lee’s mission. Yeo Wool followed him and Kang Chi warned her not to interfere. Their conversation then interrupted as the villagers started to notice Kang Chi and then threw him things. They hated Kang Chi. Yeo Wool tried to defend him but also got threwn. So Kang Chi dragged her somewhere.  Yeo Wool reminded Kang Chi that there’s still Cheong Jo for him to save.


In the gisaeng house, Cheong Jo was having a training as one of the junior gisaengs. They had to drink alcohol. Cheong Jo refused to do it. So the senior gisaengs gave her a hard time. They spit into the drink and push Cheong jo to drink it. Instead, the upset Cheong Jo splashed the drink to her senior’s face. So he was reported to Gisaeng Cheon and got whipped.


Kang Chi burst into the gisaeng house and straightly went to Gisaeng Cheon’s quarter. He grabbed Cheong Jo’s hand and took her out of there. The guards of gisaeng house surrounded Kang Chi. Gisaeng Cheon reminded them that it’s too late to bring her out as her reputation was already ruined. There’s no point of running away. Kang Chi held tight Cheong Jo’s hand and was ready to fight, but Cheong Jo let his hand go. She said what he had to do was to get her father justice first then pick her up from that place.


Coming out from the gisaeng house, Kang Chi was more upset. He went straightly to The resident. Yeo Wool who followed him actually got an order from her father to stop Kang Chi if things didn’t go as planned. Geon heard that Yeo Wool lost her track of Kang Chi on the way, so he was about to shoot Kang Chi in front of The Resident. But Yeo Wool cut Geon and asked him to give Kang Chi a chance as the day was not over yet.

Kang Chi straightly went to Mr.Jo’s quarter. He threatened Mr.Jo right away, saying that he wouldn’t let go of the person who killed Mr.Park.  After Kang Chi left, the upset Mr.Jo summoned Mr.Lee to show him how Kang Chi had broken the table and threaten him. Mr.Lee then asked to the workers for their witness testimonial if they saw Kang Chi did a crime. The workers were on Kang Chi’s side. They got a harsh punishment from Mr.Jo.

Later that night Kang Chi did come to Mr.Lee. He didn’t spend the three coins Mr.Lee gave him as part of his mission. Kang Chi was a lot calmer and had three reasons: first was to give justice to Mr.Park. Then he want to bring back Tae Seo and Cheong Jo. The last one was he wanted to be a human. He told Mr.Lee that there’s Gu Family Book that could teach him the method of being a human. The help he needed from Mr.Lee was guidance. Mr.Lee asked Mr.Dam to help Kang Chi, as he thought Mr.Dam could help Kang Chi control his temper. And Mr.Dam agreed with it.


Mr.Dam brought Kang Chi to his house. It took Yeo Wool to teach Kang Chi on how to do a proper greeting, including the bowing. After the greeting and everyone was back to their activity, Tae Seo who stayed in Mr.Dam’s house finally went out when he heard Kang Chi was there. But he brought a sword. Kang Chi saw him and approached him cheerfully. But suddenly Tae Seo stabbed him in the stomach. “You die!!!” he screamed as he looked into Kang Chi’s eyes.


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