Gu Family Book Episode 24 Quick Summary (Final)

We finally come to the final episode of Gu Family Book. I warn you to prepare two things. First thing is tissue, handkerchief or whatever that can help you wipe your tears. Second thing is, a broader mind set to digest the unexpected surprises at the endings…(plural friends, yes endings).

So let’s start our last quick summary.

Back to the moment when Kang Chi came to Mr.Lee and asked him to believe in him. Mr.Lee also asked him to promise him something in return: Whatever happen later, Kang Chi had to promise him not to kill anyone, Mr.Jo nor his men.

After Kang Chi rescued Yeo Wool, he actually asked Yeo Wool to just go back home as her father was so worried. But Yeo Wool insisted on going with them all to help Mr.Lee. And then we arrive at the scene where the shooting happened. So it was Yeo Wool who took the bullet. And of course this incident provoked Kang Chi. He didn’t change into his beast mode right away, but just stayed in his human form while beating Mr.Jo’s right man. “You die! For everything you have done, you must die!” Kang Chi was choking the man in anger. Mr.Lee reminded Kang Chi of his promise and Yeo Wool called him back. Geon told him to seek help for Yeo Wool.


But Mr.Jo said no one was allowed to leave the place easily (read: alive). At that time, Mr.Lee brought out the surprise. He summoned his troops and they immediately showed up, surrounding the building. The Japanese party turned their backs on Mr.Jo as they considered Mr.Lee’s negotiation the other night.  And the ninjas blew the gas bomb to flee. We still have no idea what happen to our arch villain: Mr.Jo.

Yeo Wool’s condition was not yet fine. Her wound was treated, but she’s still unconscious. Mr.Dam was so desperate as he couldn’t do anything else.  Kang Chi was also desperate. He asked the Monk if there’s any method to save Yeo Wool. The Monk told him there’s none. The only best way for him to do then was to go back to Yeo Wool’s side and stayed there till the end. When Kang Chi arrived in Mr.Dam’s residence, the junior warrior informed him that Mr.Dam and others went out to search for Mr.Dam.

Geon and Tae Seo participated in the mission. They found Mr.Jo and his men in the woods. While the warriors were fighting Mr.Jo’s men, Kang Chi came facing Mr.Jo in person. Kang Chi was calm outside but full of rage inside. He stays in his human form. Mr.Jo still had a courage to face Kang Chi, but Kang Chi beat him in only one hard slap. Kang Chi chopped his hand.


Later that night, Kang Chi stayed by Yeo Wool’s side. Yeo Wool woke up and asked him to help her sit. Lying on Kang Chi’s shoulder, Yeo Wool made sure that she’s okay. She also said that she felt sorry for making her father worried so much. And it’s time for her to made three requests to Kang Chi.

First request: we can hear from Kang Chi’s voice. “Master, Yeo Wool asked to have dinner with all of us tonight.” And they all did have dinner together. They had light conversations and laughs about them. Only Mr.Dam kept the stern face. Kang Chi tried to enjoy the conversation while his eyes checked on Yeo Wool every second. They were talking about Geon and Tae Seo when suddenly Yeo Wool felt the pain and was bleeding. Her father and Kang Chi noticed it soon. Kang Chi asked her to go back to her room right away. Yeo Wool insisted on staying a little longer. It took Mr.Dam to repeat the request and made Yeo Wool stop insisting. Yeo Wool looked at his father’s weary face: “I’m sorry, Father. Really sorry.” Mr.Dam took his daughter’s hand and told Kang Chi, “Kang Chi, please take care of Yeo Wool.”

Kang Chi was carrying Yeo Wool to her room when suddenly she told him her second request: “I want to go hiking with you.” They sat by the river holding each other’s hand. Yeo Wool brought up light conversation.
Yeo Wool: “Why are you afraid of giant spider?”
Kang Chi: “Because they have so many legs.”
Yeo Wool:”Really, because of that??”
Kang Chi: “Why can’t I?”
Then they remembered their earlier encounter. Yeo Wool asked since when he remembered that she’s Dam Yeo Wool from their childhood memory. Kang Chi told her since she told her she’s Dam Yeo Wool. Kang Chi asked Yeo Wool to marry him. Yeo Wool told him her flaws: can’t cook, etc. Then Yeo Wool, crying, holding Kang Chi’s face and said, “I don’t want to be your sad memories. I want to be your happy memories. That’s my third request.”
Kang Chi: “We must meet again, MUST.”
Yeo Wool: “Ng (Yes).”
Kang Chi: “I love you.”
Yeo Wool: “I love you.”
They’re crying…and kissing each other.


We can hear Kang Chi’s voice over: “If I meet you again, I will be the first to recognize you. If I meet you again, I will be the first to love you.”
And the time finally came. They’re not yet finish kissing, when Yeo Wool finally collapsed. She died right there. Kang Chi cried loudly hugging Yeo Wool by the river that night.


And everyone else, seemed to be able to sense the sadness. No one was asleep that night. They’re alone in their room, thinking of Yeo Wool…

Days passed. Kang Chi stayed alone in Yeo Woo’s room when Tae Seo found him. He’s wondering how time went by and about what would happen if she never met him. “Would she stay alive now?” You know, this kind of “what ifs” questions. Tae Seo told him that he knew Yeo Wool since childhood and he said he could see that Yeo Wool had had the happiest days in her life since she met him. And Tae Seo managed to get Kang Chi out of the room.

Kang Chi excused himself from Mr.Dam and everyone. Kang Chi would no more search for Gu Family Book. He would go for an adventure until the time he would reunite with Yeo Wool again. The old Master gave him medicine and put on a ring on his thumb. Mr.Choi gave him a deep hug. Mr.Dam handed him the precious sword. Everyone bid him goodbye. Tae Seo just said, “Till we meet again.” But Geon was not there. Apparently he was standing on the gate.
Geon: “Good bye, Kang Chi.”
Kang Chi: “Live well, Friend.”

Cheong Jo received a package: the red vest she gave to Kang Chi apparently had never been touched by him and now was sent back to her. Later that night she went to the prison to visit Mr.Jo. She said she wanted to have the last drink with him together. By doing that, the issue between them would be close forever.Apparently, Cheong Jo poisoned Mr.Jo and dead he was.


Kang Chi met Mr.Lee on the way. Mr.Lee asked where he was going. Kang Chi still had no idea about his destination. Mr.Lee gave him advises and told him his positive impression on KAng Chi ever since their first meeting. And off Kang Chi started his journey.

The flower in Yeo Wool’s room suddenly bloomed as the blue fireflies appeared…

Present time. Year 2013, 422 years later.
The sword, the medicine…the items in KAng Chi’s possession, as well as the bloomed flower were all kept carefully in an luxury apartment. A young man, short hair cut, was having a bath. From the magazine he was reading, the old master in current life had become a famous herb man. He’s still wearing the ring. He kept his red vest inside the closet. On the phone someone named “Yoo Yeon Seok” was calling him. We shall not forget that Kang Chi was an immortal. And in this drama context, they believe in reincarnation. The after life was just a waiting time before everyone is reborn into this world. And for Kang Chi, he’s been living all these centuries alone and this era seems to be the time where everyone was reincarnated and comes again in his life..


Mr.Choi becomes his butler. The other worker becomes the usher in his apartment.
The fancy car and…..background song Maroon 5?? Anyway. He was passing through Gwanghwamun square. He smiled at Admiral Lee Sung Shin’s statue standing high there, and then stopped at a red light. Right there he saw a girl running in front of his car, a girl who looks like Yeo Wool. But he shrugged the thought away as he doesn’t want to lift his hope that high. He arrived at his destination. And he was just out of the car when his super hearing heard a woman screamed for a help. At first he was reluctant. But he kept hearing the scream. Yeo Wool’s trainer was cornered by a gang whose leader was also a familiar face. So the gang leader still has the same life no matter what era he live? Poor him :D. Anway, Kang Chi helped the woman. He was surprised that he saw familiar faces. He addressed them with their previous names, of course the two were confused. Kang Chi then managed to beat the gang down as they push KAng Chi to do so. But then a female police came. The gang fled. The woman also went off. Kang Chi, raising his hands, thought he could hear a familiar voice. When Kang Chi turned around, he finally saw Yeo Wool, pointing a gun to him. He lowered his hands and spontaneously said, “Yeo Wool-a.” The police officer in black dress and gun pointing at Kang Chi, “Why? How could you know my name? Do you know me?”

And we hear Kang chi’s voice over again: “If I meet you again, I will be the first to recognize you. If I meet you again, I will be the first to love you.”


Kang Chi, still startled, answered Yeo Wool: “I don’t know. I think I know and I think I don’t know.”
And this encounter was again nearby the cherry blossom tree and under the crescent moon. And Kang Chi was sure their new chapter starts there.

The after “credit”:
A house bell rang several times. Someone answered the door: “Who is it?” Kang Chi showed up behind the door.
He looked surprised as he saw Geon’s face. Geon showed his police ID. But the surprise didn’t stop there.
Behind Geon, another familiar face showed up: Admiral Lee.

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