Gu Family Book Episode 2 Quick Summary

Gu Family Book episode 2 brought both happy and sad stories in one episode. Let’s refresh for awhile. Wol Ryeong insisted on being a human, despite the monk’s disagreement. Seo Hwa told Wol Ryeong about her condition and she worried that her being there would bring so much trouble to her savior.

Wol Ryeong was bringing her options of “foods”. Of course, having rabbit, turtles, and other animals, Seo Hwa prefered peach and apples. Wol Ryeong treated Seo Hwa very well and always tried to make Seo Hwa happy.

One night they shared their stories with each other. Wol Ryeong said that he’s been alone for a long time. Meanwhile seo Hwa shared her worries about her little brother and maid. Wol Ryeong went to the city one night and he saw Seo Hwa’s little brother’s dead body was still hanging on the place where he was executed. When Wol Ryeong was back to his place, he saw Seo Hwa was so worried and he had no heart to tell her the truth. Actually, before coming back to his place, he took down Seo Hwa’s little brother’s body and buried him somewhere in the forest. He told her that her borther and Dama had been safe somewhere. Seo Hwa was so happy that she spontaniously hugged Wol Ryeong. Wol Ryeong tried to hold his feelings at first, but then he decided to show her his feelings. He kissed her.


Wol Ryeong went to the Monk and asked him about the book. He needed the book to find a way to make him a human. The Monk told him that the method was so difficult. He had so many thing does and donts for 100 days long. The Monk was actually not being supportive and told him to just live the way he was. Wol Ryeong would live with Seo Hwa but he wouldn’t tell her the truth about his real identity.

The couple held their own wedding ceremony. Wol Ryeong saw Seo Hwa’s gisaeng tattoo and he kissed it on their first night. For him, whatever condition Seo Hwa had it didn’t matter. He loved her the way she was. Meanwhile somewhere in the forest, Officer Jo and Officer Dam found Seo Hwa’s borther’s grave.


Seo Hwa and Wol Ryeong lived together as a happy husband and wife. Wol Ryeong must love her so much that he was okay with Seo Hwa’s lunch box that even the Monk could not eat it. The Monk came to tell Wol Ryeong that he found another method from the book. Meanwhile on the other part of the forest, Seo Hwa was out in forest looking for edible things when some soldiers were watching from a far.

When she finally realized that she’d been watched, Seo Hwa ran away. The spy released a sign to the sky, which not only Officer Dam and the troops that could see it, but also Wol Ryeong. And Wol Ryeong came in the right time and with his power he could make them unseen. They were about to go back to their place when they encountered Officer Dam. He asked Wol Ryeong if he was a human or something else.

Wol Ryeong managed to make Officer Dam’s horse feeling unease and they could run away. But it was not far until they were busted. Wol Ryeong got chained and beaten. Seo Hwa was taken away. Wol Ryeong was angry and he couldn’t take it anymore…he switched into his “beast” mode. He killed the soldiers right in front of Seo Hwa.


When all the soldiers were down, the frightened Seo Hwa screamed and lost her consciousness. Wol Ryeong brought her to their place and told her that it’s the real him. the exhausted Wol Ryeong suddenly fell unconscious. Seo Hwa was too afraid to stay there and decided to go away from the mountain. That night she arrived at the soldier’s camp. Thankfully the Monk came to the cave and helped Wol Ryeong. But what Wol Ryeong thought about was Seo Hwa, so he asked the Monk to look for Seo Hwa.

In the soldier’s camp, Seo Won was interrogated by Officer Jo. That man told her that her brother and the maid were dead. He told her that Wol Ryeong was the one who killed them. And that time Seo Hwa was having a “pregnant sign”.
The next day, Wol Ryeong was so surprised that his hiding place was surrounded by soldiers. Apparently it was the angry Seo Hwa who told them his hiding. Wol Ryeong was so frustrated that Seo Hwa didn’t believe him.

Wol Ryeong was so sad that he cried. He remembered what the Monk told him that day about the method he found out. I think it was related to the moment when he wants so bad to prove his sincere feelings to the woman he loved so much..? sort of. Well, in short, he suddenly screamed Seo Hwa’s name and literally jumped high to her despite many soldiers tried to stop him and when he landed right in front of Seo Hwa and his hand grabbed her shoulder, Officer Dam killed him with his sword. His eyes straightly looked deep into Seo Hwa’s and said “But you loved me…” (how could you do it to me?). So at the moment he could turn to human, he was killed…and it caused him dead. His spirit flew away blown by the wind. The Monk came late. He cried finding out Wol Ryeong was dead. He told Seo Hwa that everything he had done was all for her and because he loved her so much.


Wol Ryeong was buried by the mountain he had been guarding all this time. Meanwhile SEo Hwa was brought to the gisaeng house once again. She was pregnant wuth Wol Ryeong’s baby and she seemed to reject it. With her big belly Seo Hwa climbed up the mountain and went back to the place she used to live with Wol Ryeong. She remembered the past she had with Wol Ryeong and gave birth to Wol Ryeong’s baby all by herself in that cave. That very moment, the blue fireflies reappear again in the forest after a very long time. Seo Hwa was planning to kill her own baby thinking that she was giving birth to a beast. She was lifting high the sickle she had brought with her, but then the blue fireflies appeared before her again and moonlight came into the cave and showed the beautiful face of the baby. Seo Hwa was surprised that her son was a baby and she just cried hard. The Monk also saw the fireflies and mentioned Wol Ryeong’s name.


The next day, a group of noble men was having a leasure time with some gisaeng near by the river. They suddenly heard a cry of a baby. A nobleman went to the river and took the baby off the river. The Monk approached them and told the nobleman that if he took the baby with him (as his son) that baby would bring so much fortune to him. So at that very moment, the kind nobleman took him in and named him Choi Kang Chi.

Our real leading man, Lee Seung Gi, will finally show up next week as Choi Kang Chi :)


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