Gu Family Book Episode 23 Quick Summary

Gu Family Book episode 23 starts where it ended: Kang Chi was breaking up with Yeo Wool. KAng Chi said they need to break up because he doesn’t want her to die. “There is no one in this world who knows when he/she will die!” protested Yeo Wool. “You do!” said Kang Chi.


So Kang chi is really leaving. He said he’s just going to bid goodbye to Mr.Dam. Geon just watched Yeo Wool crying alone at the gate.

Kang Chi went to see Mr.Lee. They had a walk.  “Mr.Lee, I’m curious about something. If someone you care the most will die because of you, what would you do?” Kang Chi asked for Mr.Lee’s advise. He needed a confirmation that his decision of leaving Yeo Wool was correct. But Mr.Lee gave Kang Chi a question that made his startled. Kang Chi was not finished thinking when suddenly they’re surrounded by ninjas. One of the ninjas was one of Mr.Dam’s warriors that hated Kang Chi. Those ninjas were under the Japanese samurai. Mr.Lee just told that samurai something and they didn’t kill him right away. The samurai consulted to Seo Hwa’s ex interpreter about what Mr.Lee told him. Back safely at home, Mr.Lee shared with Kang Chi the highest value of everyone’s life: to protect the one he/she loves. So Kang Chi remembered Yeo Wool.

Yeo Wool was unable to calm herself because of the bad break up. Then she was picked up by the traitor warrior saying that he had something to tell her. Yeo Wool’s trainer met Geon at the courtyard and told him that Yeo Wool was picked up by this warrior. Meanwhile Kang Chi was also looking for Yeo Wool coming to Mr.Dam’s place. Geon went out to search for Yeo wool and found them. The ninjas made Yeo Wool unconscious and were about to bring her away. The traitor warrior stabbed Geon, but he was still strong enough to fight with the ninjas. Geon was stabbed again and this time was worst. He fell unconscious, but thankfully Kang Chi came right in time. Kang Chi poured his blood to Geon’s wound. Meanwhile the ninjas took away Yeo Wool. When the ninjas went across the village, the village gang leader and his fellow witnessed them.


The next day, Geon woke up safely. There were only Mr.Dam, old master and TAe Seo. Mr.Dam asked if he was saved by Kang Chi. Geon said yes. And then Mr.Dam asked where Kang Chi was.

Kang Chi went to the inn to confront Mr.Jo. He asked about Yeo Wool’s whereabout. Mr.Jo played fool. Kang Chi tried to attack, but Mr.Jo got those Japanese samurai and ninjas. Apparently, it’s Mr.Jo’s way to put Kang Chi in a difficult situation. Mr.Jo was making Kang Chi killed Mr.Lee otherwise Yeo Wool would die as well as the two inn’s workers: Mr.Choi and the other guy. Mr.Jo gave Kang Chi only until the next day.


With what happened to Yeo Wool, Mr.Dam was of course not in a good condition. Gisaeng Cheon paid him a visit. Mr.Dam then ordered to get Kang Chi.So they all held a meeting. Kang Chi said they should immediately rescue Yeo Wool. But Mr.Dam made a shocking announcement: he would give up Yeo Wool. When a true warrior had to face the condition where he had to choose between his country and his daughter, he must choose his country, the greater good. Kang Chi protested his decision. “She’s my only daughter and I’m giving her up. So why should you insist? You just have to go on with your business searching for Gu Family Book,” said Mr.Dam. Kang Chi opposed him,”I can’t give up Yeo Wool. For me Yeo Wool is the only person I have left! What’s the point of being a human without being able to save the person I care the most?” And this time, Geon, Tae Seo and even Gisaeng Cheon had to apologize to Mr.Dam for standing on Kang Chi’s side instead of on his side.


Later after that the half sober gang leader came to Mr.Dam’s house to report to KAng Chi what he had witnessed last night. He was sure that the ninjas brought Yeo Wool to the inn. And yes she was there, kept somewhere remote in the inn. So the four guys immediately break into the storage room in the inn to rescue Yeo Wool. Apparently, there were so many storage rooms. So while the guys were searching, Mr.Jo’s men were moving Yeo Wool somewhere else. The desperate Kang Chi finally decided to go to Mr.Lee. The other guys opposed him, but all they need to do was to trust him. “I come here to protect the person I care the most. Do you trust me Mr.Lee? Will you be able to trust me?” Kang Chi asked Mr.Lee.

Gisaeng Cheon’s spy saw where the ninjas brought Yeo Wool to another place. Cheong Jo offered herself to be a volunteer on the delivery mission. Yeo Wool was brought into the same place where they keep the two workers. They tied them and put a big mace club above Yeo Wool that was connected to a sand sack. One ninja stab the sack, so they only had time before the sands could no longer hold the mace club and finally hit Yeo Wool.

Cheong Jo delivered the information to her brother, Geon and Kang Chi. And then the guys were ready for action.

Meanwhile in the inn, Mr.Lee came down there to meet Mr.Jo. This time he came alone, without his men.

The sand sack was almost finish and the mace club was going down soon and kill Yeo Wool. The trio plus gang leader were coming to rescue Yeo Wool, but that place was surrounded by ninjas. In the middle of the chaos, Kang chi could hear Yeo Wool’s cry and struggle from afar. And Kang Chi could save Yeo Wool in time. But once they’re safe, Yeo Wool started to attack Kang Chi: punching him, kicking him, and beating him “You’re such a bad man! A bad man!!” But of course they ended up hugging each other and cried together. In their hearts they declared their loves for each other.


Meanwhile back in the inn. Mr.Jo was trying to prolong the conversation with Mr.Lee while his right hand man was ready to pull the trigger aiming at Mr.Lee.But then the young people came to fight along with Mr.Lee. Kang Chi thought he could finally over power Mr.Jo, but they didn’t know about Mr.Jo’s man who’s holding the gun. And when they realized about that man,he pulled the trigger. And obviously, the person who get the bullet was either Kang Chi or Yeo Wool.


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  1. hello~
    I’m here~ :D
    So, i just want to say thank you very much…. as usual :D
    So fast.. Here, in my time, usually you will post the quick summaries at 10.05 – 10.10 pm. So, i just waiting for ur post :D

  2. Thanks, dear! You’re awesome as usual!

  3. Omg! Who was shot with that bullet? Is it KC or YW oh please not another death story make the ending goo not boring and will ask your self what the hell happen that’s it,is it is? It’s funny how YW react after KC save her is that the new way 2 say thank you now?! Hahaha thanks 4 the quik recap anyway your great guys

  4. Omg! Who was shot with that bullet? Is it KC or YW oh please not another death story make the ending goo not boring and will ask your self what the hell happen that’s it,is it is? It’s funny how YW react after KC save her is that the new way 2 say thank you now?! Hahaha thanks 4 the quik recap anyway your great guys.

  5. THANKS!! i was refreshing this page for a few times. Thanks so much for recapping!! I really really appreciate your hard work. <3 <3 <3

  6. TQ!!! Excellent job for quick recap..I’m eagerly want to know what happen in Ep23…and of course for final episode tomorrow. I hope for better ending…

  7. Thank you so much for the quick recap..I hope it was a happy ending for Kang Chi and Yeo Wool love story!!!and also Gu Family Book season 2!!love love love

  8. so fast….
    thanks you…<3

  9. It’s now almost 1:40am where I am (Malaysia) but I always keep myself awake to read your quick summary. Kamsahamnida.

  10. Amanda Torentika

    They said its yeowool ;_; . Please PD-nim dont make such an innocent die likw this, please make a happy memories of kangdam couple. Bdw, thank you so much for wrting this quick summary, i loveeeeeeeeeee kdramachoa ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  11. Thanks for the quick guessing that its YW who has been shot,,and im shouting like crazy while watching live streaming co’z KC cannot save YW with his blood what Monk explained before that KC can only save a person once with his blood..still Im hoping the shot willnot be fatal enough to kill YW & maybe teacher Gong Dal’s magic medicine could be some help..i demand a happy ending to PDnim..yet knowing PDnim he’s some kind of brutal & heartless too.. so im crossing my finger for a happy ending.. at least spare few lives for KC PDnim…

  12. woow,, great summary.. thank you so much ^O^/

  13. I love this drama i haven’t missed any of the episode. its the best. I was always excited to watch this drama every Monday and Tuesday evening. its so sad that its going to end :(( the story and characters in this drama is awesome. Excellent job guys, keep it up. Yes we would like to see Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy again pairing up in the future as the lead actor and actress, heads off to their acting. Now you two Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy has become my favourite couple, God bless you both.

  14. Ohhhh, thanks a thousand for making the quickest recap :) Can’t wait for tonight, finally the last episod! But, is that true there will be season 2? coz i hope a very good ending for every character and i don’t know how they can finish it in 1 last episod only hehehe

  15. Wow.. Tnx so much 4 posting dis summary, I cnt wait 2 know wot hapnd in ep. 24. I seriously dnt want a sad ending though.

  16. Good gracious,who did the bullet hit,was it KC or YW.Asides that, thanks for the quick summary

  17. this death is destined to
    yeo wool..time has come…sad truth

  18. lovely drama it was yeo wool fate she died for kang chi

  19. …but it ends perfectly!
    is there a part 2 in
    this drama?

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