Gu Family Book Episode 21 Quick Summary

Gu Family Book episode 21 is quite sad…I’m telling you in advance. Don’t really expect too much magic dear fans. It’s about learning to really let go…

Quick back to the last scene from previous episode. Wol Ryeong was wondering who Seo Hwa was while he stared at her in a creepy way. He asked who she was.

And there Kang Chi stepped forward between his parents. He attacked his father first, but of course Wol Ryeong was stronger. He was about to put his hand on Kang Chi, Seo Hwa screamed, “Doonn’t. Don’t. He’s your son. Our son.”
But the boys continued their fight. They were in the middle of locking each other when Kang Chi saw some archers in red uniforms aiming their arrow to Wol Ryeong. He soon switched their place and Kang Chi took the arrows for Wol Ryeong. Seeing what the guards did to Kang Chi, Wol Ryeong immediately kill those guys.


Meanwhile Yeo Wool, Geon and Tae Seo were cornered. They decided to flee ad the ninjas didn’t bother to run after them. The three came to Kang Chi. Yeo Wool held Kang Chi tight while Geon was pulling the arrows out of Kang Chi’s body.Soon the blue fire flies heal him. Wol Ryeong was still watching from a distance. He kept wondering who Seo Hwa really was. The brother-pals (plus Yeo Wool) brought along Seo Hwa to Mr.Dam’s house.

While Kang Chi was happy having his mother save and sound with him, Mr.Jo got a lot of problems: first, his archers were found dead. second, Seo Hwa disappeared. Well, he kind of knew where she went…

Seo Hwa was having a meeting with Admiral Lee. While the boys are asking Kang Chi about his mother, someone’s stomach was making a loud sound..very loud. And everyone was turning their head to Yeo Wool. She said, “It’s not me…It’s my hungry stomach.” While Yeo Wool and Kang Chi were arguing who should eat the first big part of the chicken, Tae Seo and Geon couldn’t stand the lovey dovey scene and took the big parts of the chicken first.


Tae Seo then helped KAng Chi with his homework from Gisaeng Cheon.

Kang Chi prepared the matress for his mother, asking her to sleep well from this day on. Kang Chi finally got his mother back.
Seo Hwa told him that actually that day she looked for him, but she couldn’t find him. Kang Chi had forgiven her anyway.


Mr.Lee received an emergency news from his subordinates. The confused and angry Wol Ryeong murdered a big number of villagers. Mr.Jo also got this news. So they predicted that Wol Ryeong would next go to the inn.

Kang Chi took a nap on his mother lap. When his mom watching him sleep, she suddenly remembered something. She still had the charmed wooden stake.


Yeo Wool exercised with Geon. Then they saw Seo Hwa approaching them. Seo Hwa them was showing something to Mr.Dam. Meanwhile Yeo wool went into the room where Kang Chi was sleeping.Seo Hwa asked Yeo Wool for a favor. She would deal with Wol Ryeong since she thought she’s the only person who could give Wol Ryeong what he was looking for and it’s her way as a mother to protect her son, Kang Chi.Yeo Wool woke Kang Chi up. She decided to break her promise to Seo Hwa to keep the information as a secret from Kang Chi: “Your mother is going to the village, to deal with Wol Ryeong.”


Meanwhile in the village, the villagers were panic and moved out to a shelter organized by the Magistrate.

Kang chi asked Geon where his mother was going. Geon told him where Wol Ryeong would strike next. Kang chi decided not to let Yeo Wool got involved. He left when Yeo Wool asked him to wait for her while she took her stuffs. Kang Chi asked Geon to do the talk.

In the village, the officers were on their aler situation to face Wol Ryeong. was also there. He’s quite confidence as he had the gun. As soon as Wol Ryeong was approaching, Mr.Jo was aiming his gun to him and ready to fire.But then Seo Hwa stepped forward. She asked him to stop. But Wol Ryeong chocked her. All she could do was call his name and cry..and yeah, cry. The cry was then the key. Wol Ryeong refrained. But, Mr.Jo didn’t postpone his plan to fire the gun.In the quickest moment, Wol Ryeong who noticed the situation, changed position with Soe Hwa and took the bullet for her. It was pretty much like the old time. Wol Ryeong was bleeding. But magically, his eyes turned back to black and all his beast mode turned to human.


“Seo Hwa…” Seo Hwa asked if he remembered. Then they cried together and hugged each other. “Now, we both can go in peace,” said Seo Hwa’s voice. Right in that time, a big gust of wind blew. And when the wind stopped, when everyone opened their eyes, the couple was not there anymore.


Meanwhile on the way, Kang Chi was stopped by Mr.Lee. He asked Kang Chi to let his mother in peace. Mr.Lee explained how it was Seo Hwa’s own last wish.Kang Chi wept and begged Mr.Lee to let him save his mother. Mr.Lee explained to them it’s a mother’s way to protect her son. And Mr.Lee was there to give Kang Chi a shoulder to cry on.

Seo Hwa woke up and found herself in a familiar place: the cave. She remembered how she woke up the first time in that place long time ago. And there again Wol Ryeong.. the handsome Wol Ryeong she used to know, came before her. Seo Hwa asked about his wound. Wol Ryeong that he could remember his face, but that’s all. Wol Ryeong was being..cold. Seo Hwa just understood why, so she said, “Wol Ryeong, I was still young that time. I loved you and I am sorry that I have hurt you.” Then Seo Hwa showed him the wooden stake. She said she had been keeping the stake in case she would meet him again to pay her debt to him.


And there she stab her own heart with that stake. And what Wol Ryeong saw was the young Seo Hwa again. Wol Ryeong caught her in his arms. Seo Hwa asked for forgiveness and touched his face….and then died. Wol Ryeong could only screamed out her name and hugged her tight. And we could see all the blue fireflies around them. Wol Ryeong remembered everything…and this fact that made the scene was sadder..


Kang Chi sent his answer for the homework to Gisaeng Cheon. And went back home under the rain. He had Yeo Wool waiting for him.
Kang Chi was then free from the beads and could keep his human mode comfortably. But earlier Yeo Wool was told but her father to break up with Kang Chi. “I’m home,” said Kang Chi. Yeo Wool asked about his mother. Kang Chi hugged her and struggled to find the right word to explain what happened to his mother. Kang Chi just cried and hugged Yeo Wool. While Yeo Wool patting Kang chi’s shoulder, she remembered how her father told her to break up with Kang chi.

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  1. Thanks for the super fast recap ever!! ;-)

  2. OMO! So, so, so sad! Thanks for the lighting fast recap!

  3. ouh… Seo hwa… T.T
    So fast…. She just still alive in few episodes before… But, now… Oh, just a little part…
    But, i thankyou very very much to you… =))

  4. Thanksssss!!!!! :):):)

  5. huikkkkkkk……… T.T so sad
    thanks for recap….

  6. Thanks for the recap thats was sooo sad for the parents loves story so hot daddy gumiho is now dead?i wont be seing him again in other episodes that was terribly bad for me cause i like him more i wonder what’s the answer 2 giseanf choen’s homework ive got 2 watch this,& why the hell dad wants YW to break up with KC cant wait 4 tom’s recap thanks anyway its just so sad that only 3 ep is left cant they extend it

  7. thank you for nice quick summary.. ahh so sad! daddy gumiho looks hotter than kang chi actually. will miss him so much. But the mother changed face in her last time turned to the young one makes me feel sorry to the old one. kekekke..I love seohwa (young) n wol ryung :)

  8. Thanks a lot for the quickest recap, really appreciate your effort to type after watch. hiks hiks hiks *crying* i know it’ll be sad ending for the parents but still the writer make them reconciled in the end. I’m happy for that. This movie give many samples to forgive & trust bcoz of love. Maybe YW need to let go KC if she wants him to find whatever we call gu family book during last 3 episode =.=’

  9. thanks for this recap. I actually cried by reading this :(

  10. I loved it!!! But it was very sad, when WR cried….He’s cute even when he cries…hahaha..I like how he got his memory back….So I’m guessing he’s a human now right? he’s not a gumiho because way in the beginning, if he stabbed her with that stake then he would have been human….so he might be human now, because he got all his memories back which makes him not a demon anymore….WR is such a hottie…He’s very handsome and cute….*O*

  11. I cried when Woo Ryung and Seo hwa was at the moonlight garden, memories flashes as though it was happening a few seconds ago. that was so sad! the moment when seo hwa fall into woo ryung’s hug, i start crying until she really died.

    We can see that how much does Seo Hwa loves him , and how much Woo ryung loves her back :'(

    *sob sob*

  12. There is always a sad truth
    in the story, love makes
    us truly nice..

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