Gu Family Book Episode 4 Quick Summary

Suzy’s character Yeo Wool has definitely grows a special feeling for Lee Seung Gi’s character, Kang Chi, in this episode of Gu Family Book. Oh I like seeing this cute couples! Anyway, let’s start our quick recap.

Yeo Wool remembered when Kang Chi said, “Don’t worry, I will protect you,” she was sure she had heard it somewhere else, long ago.Apparently, when she was a kid, she was almost attacked by a dog and a small boy saved her. In the same time, she still remembered when The Monk talked to her the other day. The Monk warned her about her encounter with someone under a crescent moon and a tree. He told her to just go no matter what happened with that person. But Yeo Wool couldn’t go as Kang Chi fell unconscious on her shoulder.


Mr.Jo arrived at Mr.Park’s resident while Mr.Park was still in Mr.Dam’s house. Park Tae Seo welcomed the group. He told them that there was no more room for them to stay in there, but they insisted on getting rooms…by threatening. Park Tae Seo tried to make things clear, but Mr.Jo wouldn’t take any excuse and even introduced himself. Tae Seo knew he was facing a difficult situation so he sent his man to look for Kang chi.Yeo Wool brought Kang Chi to take a rest in a nearby warehouse. It seemed that the drug’s influence had gone and what left was just casual sleep. Kang Chi snored hard. Yeo Wool tried to wake him up, but he just kept sleeping. It took Geon to draw his sword to make Kang Chi wake up. He asked who they were, but they made Kang Chi said his identity first.


Yeo Wool and Geon decided to bring Kang Chi abck to Park resident by tying him. But Kang Chi tried to make excuse to just go somewhere else. They were in the middle of an argument when the man from Park resident who was looking for Kang Chi found them. He was confuse of what’s happening with Kang Chi and Kang Chi just told him that they’re his new friends. Then the man told Kang Chi about the critical situation Tae Seo was facing.

Park Tae Seo tried to talk to Mr.Jo that they had no more empty rooms for the group to sleep. Mr.Jo started to be upset and drew his sword to Tae Seo.

At first Kang Chi didn’t want to go back, but hearing the situation Tae Seo was facing, he asked Yeo Wool to release him.

Back to Tae Seo’s situation. Mrs. Park decided to step help her son. She apologized and spoke in a very diplomatic way. She asked them to wait as she would give them the room. But Mr.Jo was not easy to her either. He made Mrs, Park kneel before him. Cheong Jo went out to check what’s hapening. Seeing that pretty girl, Mr.Jo felt like he was seeing Seo Hwa.


Then sudddenly Kang chi showed up to defend his family. Exactly that time a big wind blew.He argued with Mr.Jo and asked him to just leave peacefully. Mr.Jo’s men were attacking Kang Chi but he could handle them. Mr.Jo’s right hand man saw something curious about Kang chi’s red beads while he was fighting. Mr.Jo seemed to be amused and asked once again who was him. Kang Chi told him his name. Then an officer came running to tell Mr.Jo that he had prepared a room for him. Before leaving Mr.Jo’s eyes were fixed to Cheong Jo.

The next day, Mr.Park was very furious. He questioned why all the seven guards were absent from their posts. Kang Chi told him that it was his fault. He said those guards were out looking for him who went out drinking and did silly things. Mr.Park actually didn’t buy it easily as Kang Chi looked very obvious making up the story, but Mrs. Park cut the conversation and told them what they should do related to mr.Jo.

Mr.Park and Tae Seo came to Mr.Jo. I think they came to make an official apology. Meanwhile at home, Mrs. Park complained that Kang Chi still came back even after she told him to go. Kang chi asked what Mrs.Park dislike from him that he would change it. Mrs.Park   didn’t deny that she dislike him and for her, he was an ill-omen. But their conversation had to stop as Mrs.Park had a guest to meet.


Kang Chi knew that he had to hold his feelings towards Cheong Jo, for their own good. Apparently, Yeo Wool was staying in the Park Resident. She met Kang Chi and he seemed to be annoyed. Kang Chi told her not to have any curiosity about him and just go. Yeo Wool hit Kang Chi with a bamboo stick as she thought he would try to avoid it. Yeo Wool and Geon saw how Kang chi fight with Mr.Jo’s men. But Kang Chi didn’t dodge and got hit. Both Kang Chi and Yeo Wool were surprised. Yeo Wool asked how he could fight so well last night but could not avoid her now. Kang Chi said because those men smelled blood, of course he could notice their movements. As Kang Chi was about to leave, Yeo Wool said she knew that Kang Chi had one thing he most afraid of: the gaint spider. Kang Chi tried to deny, but he failed right away, though acting cool still.

Mr.Jo made Mr.Park and Tae Seo waited intentionally, which was actually considered as rude. Mr.Park did come to make an official apology. Mr.Jo asked about Choi Kang Chi. Mr.Park told him that the kid was just like a son for him. Mr.Jo kind of asked for him to hand in Kang Chi. As Mr.Park couldn’t do it, Mr.Jo asked for his property, instead. Seeing Mr.Park made no response, then he asked for Cheong Jo. His aim was for Kang Chi, but Mr.Park remember Mr.Dam’s warning in facing Mr.Jo. So he protected his children and knelt to take all the responsibilities on him.



In the village, Kang chi was secretly following Yeo Wool and Geon. But they managed to flee. Then Kang Chi saw the gang again. They were threatening sellers in the market to give them money.


Meanwhile Yeo Wool was meeting a nobleman in an eating place. They were talking about work. Yeo Wool handed him a map. Suddenly the peaceful eating place was disturbed by people fighting: KAng Chi fighting the gang. Kang Chi dragged the gang back to the market and made them knelt in front of villagers. He made the gang to give the money they collected from the sellers in the market. Then Kang Chi distribute the money to sellers who gave the gang money under their threat. Yeo Wool, Geon and the nobleman were watching the scene.

Yeo Wool saw the monk in the middle of the crowd. She came to him and asked about what his warning before. She asked if she couldn’t avoid the encounter, what would happen in the future. The monk said there would be someone died between the them. But when Yeo Wool asked who, the Monk refused to say anymore information.


That night Kang Chi saw the Park family sat together to spend their family time in a gazebo. He told the guards’ leader who approach him that he already feels good seeing the scene. He went away and saw Yeo Wool was practicing (slash trying to ease her mind from the destiny she might have with Kang Chi) at the front yard.


He asked how she knew he’s afraid of big spider. Yeo Wool said that they probably had met befor and they knew each other before, but she couldn’t remember. Kang Chi also couldn’t remember. They had not finished their conversation yet when Kang Chi notice there’s something wrong around them. They saw some ninjas moving on the roofs.

In Mr. Park’s room, The monk suddenly came to visit Mr.Park. He asked about Kang Chi’s red beads. At first Mr.Park was the one asking him what Kang Chi really was, but then he realized that the person he was speaking was not the real monk. He turned out to be a ninja. My guess, he was Mr.Jo’s man.


Outside, Kang Chi and Yeo Wool were facing a weird situation. The ninja they saw were probably had a supernatural ability. He could multiply himself. So the two were outnumbered, but they had no choice but to fight. Kang Chi said he had to fight even if he had to die. But Yeo Wool said differently. She said she would till the end to stay alive.

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  1. Bravo!
    I just wanted to thank you for your hardwork on translating in english the episode.
    it s hardwork and time consuming but you still took time to do it and by doing so you are helping lots of fans like me who enjoy watching kdraa but don’t understand korean.
    I wish I could learn korean quickly so to help make resume as well.
    it s a good show with good pace and lots of actions.
    good job and keep on doing so!
    fan from france ;)
    fighting !!

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