Gu Family Book Episode 7 Quick Summary

Choi Kang Chi was surrounded by the guards. Yeo Wool saw the scene and remembered what the Monk had told her before. Now she understands why that monk said so. But when she was about to worry that Kang Chi was going to die, she witnessed Kang Chi’s transformation into his beast mode.

Yeo Wool was so scared and decided to run away. She was confused and scared in the same time, but her reaction was different from Seo Hwa’s reaction when she saw her husband transformed into beast mode. Yeo Wool met Geon on the way.


After killing the guards, Kang Chi was exhausted and collapsed.

Cheong Jo was brought into the gisaeng house. So Mr.Jo was really repeating history of Seo Hwa with Cheong Jo. And that girl also did the same thing as Seo Hwa did. She refused to get in. It’s the exact same gisaeng house as before and gisaeng Cheon was also still there. As Cheong Jo was saying the same thing as Seo Hwa in the old time, Gisaeng Cheon also gave her the exact same punishment to her: stripped and tied in the exact same tree.


The Monk found the red beads and the dead bodies. He did something with the bodies and then tried to search for Kang Chi.

Yeo Wool went back home and reported what she witness to her father. Admiral Lee Sung Shin was also there. Mr.Dam was thinking about destructive plan, but Mr.Lee was defending Kang Chi, as well as Yeo Wool. Geon was of course on Mr.Dam’s side. Mr.Dam cut the argument with his daughter by sending her to her room. After sending Yeo Wool go and Geon followed her, Mr.Dam explained the incident 20 years ago to Mr.Lee. The Admiral then suggested Mr.Dam to search for Kang Chi first and then they would think what they should do to him later.


In the morning, Geon found Yeo Wool’s room was empty. Meanwhile in the woods, Kang Chi woke up and got a collage of memories of what happened in the previous night. The Monk was already there and he tried to tell KAng Chi his true identity.
But it was very hard for Kang Chi to take the fact that he was half human half beast. But the Monk said he was the one who knew his body best so there’s no need to deny it that hard. He also told Kang Chi that he was the one who had been looking after him to make sure that he stayed in his human mode through the beads. Kang Chi knew it’s true and he desperately begged the Monk to let him back to his full-human condition, but the beads were torn. The Monk couldn’t say anything seeing Kang Chi begged on his knees. Yeo Wool once again, witnessed the scene from a far.


Cheong Jo was brought into the gisaeng house. She was treated. Gisaeng Cheon once again had to made a speech of survival for a poor girl in Cheong Jo’s situation.

Yeo Wool went to the cave where Kang Chi hid himself for the last four days. She could no more stayed away as she saw the Monk was desperately persuading Kang Chi to eat. She approached Kang Chi and scolded him for being rude and ungrateful. Yeo Wool explained to Kang Chi that she’s been following him and she had witnessed everything form the beginning. Kang Chi asked if she’s not feeling scared or seeing Kang Chi as a freak. In her cool way Yeo Wool said, “Of course I’m seeing you as a freak. But you already weird from the beginning. So what? You just changed your eye color. SO what?”

Kang Chi was still struggling with his new identity. He was not sure anymore if he was still Choi Kang Chi or just the beast. Yeo Wool tried to convince Kang Chi that he’s still the man he was before, at least that part of him was still there. “You are Choi Kang Chi,” Yeo Wool said. Kang Chi’s eye color went back to dark for awhile, but soon as Kang Chi got emotional again, they turned back to light green. Seeing this phenomena, the Monk kind of sensed that the two were somehow destined.


Mr.Jo finally entered The Resident as the new master. He brought Mrs.Park as a slave. She argued with Mr.Jo and made him upset. He drew a sword and Mrs. Park stabbed it to herself. But Mr.Jo made her death way faster by slashing her.


As he entered the old Mr.Park’s quarter, he wondered if there’s something greater hidden somewhere in that place.

Kang Chi was not only still struggling with his new identity, but also his new body. The beast inside him was struggling to take over him as a whole. (anyone watched Naruto? :D This scene just reminded me of Naruto ) As his anger conquered him, Kang Chi let the beast took over. He determined to avenge Park Family: Mr.Jo must die! The Monk hurriedly warned Yeo Wool to flee.

Yeo Wool went back home. She asked her father to help Kang Chi.

The Monk tried to stop Kang Chi. But the beast was too strong. So he hit down the Monk and went away, heading back to the village. And yes, finally Kang Chi was back in there. On the way, Geon was trying to stop him. They fought. The Monk managed to repaired and engage the red beads again to Kang Chi’s wrist. As Kang Chi was too emotional and thinking of tear the beads, the Monk warned him that if those beads were torn again, that’s the end of Kang Chi’s hope of staying in human mode. And the Monk swore he would never help him again. Kang Chi refrained.


Cheong Jo was brought to the room where Mr.Jo was. This time, Gisaeng Cheon was a different from the old time. She helped Cheong Jo and sent her back to her room.

Mr.Dam was helping Kang Chi but Kang Chi was being stubborn. Then Mr.Dam ordered to send Kang Chi to be interrogated in the Magistrate office. He got a plan and it’s related to Admiral Lee Sun Shin.

The next day, the magistrate office held a trial on Kang Chi. Of course Mr.Jo was also there. As the villagers were watching, Kang Chi defended himself and tried to speak the truth. His provocative words pushed Mr.Jo to get out of the room and approached him. Mr.Jo said he could spare his life if Kang Chi told him his true identity. He’s referring to Kang Chi’s beads. Kang Chi challenged him even more and also the angrier he got. Kang Chi was almost tearing his beads when suddenly Admiral Lee showed up. He introduced himself and said he came to look for one of his men and his name was Choi Kang Chi. He spoke very friendly to Kang Chi and asked if he’s been okay. Kang Chi went speechless.


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