Gu Family Book Episode 9 Quick Summary

Gu Family Book this episode started when the brainwashed Tae Seo stabbed Kang Chi in the stomach. He said he could never forgive him after what his father had done for Kang Chi.

Yeo Wool and Geon helped both poor guys. Geon knocked Tae Seo down, and Teo Wool helped the bleeding KAng Chi.

In the gisaeng house, the senior gisaengs didn’t stop bullying Cheong Jo. They made her a sort of slave than a junior gisaeng, made her wash their clothes. This was actually a relieve for Cheong Jo, right? at least she didn’t have to be a gisaeng.

Mr.Dam and Geon interrogated Tae Seo. Mr.Dam asked who else were there who witnessed the incident. Finding Tae Seo couldn’t answer him properly, Mr.Dam found out that Tae Seo was under a sort of brain washing spell.


Kang Chi’s condition was critical. He was still bleeding. Okay, girls…you will see Lee Seung Gi’s bare chest. In his dream, Kang Chi was sitting with Tae Seo. That guy asked him what his dream was. Kang Chi said to live as part of Park Family for a very long time. When Kang Chi asked Tae Seo the same question, Tae Seo said he wanted to be a person like his father. Then Kang Chi asked if he has a girl he liked. Tae Seo said yes, but he didn’t say anything about the girl.

Cheong Jo’s life as a slave started. The senior gisaengs made her washed their clothes and after that intentionally made them dirty again so Cheong Jo’s work kind of never ending.

Kang Chi’s condition was better. Yeo Wool went to his room that night to check him. She saw the wound marks on KAng Chi’s right arm: one for the mark he got from the dog bite, another was from the moment he took the stab to protect Yeo Wool.
Then Yeo Wool rememberd what The Monk told her. That Monk reminded her that she must not develop anymore feelings other than as a friend. But Yeo Wool worried about Kang Chi so much that she decided to do a dangerous action. Yeo Wool removed Kang Chi’s red beads. But he stayed as human. His wound didn’t heal fast. But slowly the blue fireflies were coming and healed his wound.


When he woke up, Kang Chi was in his beast mode and choke Yeo Wool. She told KAng Chi that she removed his red beads. Eventhough she was injured, Yeo Wool in a very nice and friendly way persuaded KAng Chi to put the red beads on again. Kang Chi gave his hand to Yeo Wool and she put them back again and then collapsed on top of Yeo Wool. Geon helped her, but he couldn’t forgive Kang Chi for hurting Yeo Wool.


The tired Cheong Jo was then approached by Gisaeng Cheon. She was brought into an instrument room. She encouraged Cheong Jo to start learning to play the traditional drum. She’s giving Cheong Jo another alternative to survive.


In the morning, Mr.Dam got a report that Kang Chi had left his bed. In fact, that man was found by a junior warrior in the kitchen eating potatoes. Then Kang Chi was making trouble with an old master that even Yeo Wool respected him. Yeeo Wool dragged Kang Chi away from the kitchen.

Kang Chi would start his training soon, under the supervision of Mr.Dam directly. And Tae seo also joined them, but Geon had closed Tae Seo’s eyes with a blind. Mr.Dam explained to Kang Chi that the only way to get Tae Seo’s right-memory back was to find the person who put the spell.

After Kang Chi went out the room, Tae Seo asked Mr,Dam to discuss a greater matter. He briefed Mr.Dam, Yeo Wool and Geon about the secret room under his father’s quarter and the amount it contained.


In the same time, Mr.Jo was calling a construction man to check the building. They agreed to start the construction soon. Then he interrogated the ex head worker about the secret hiding within the resident. Of course that poor man said that he knew nothing about it. Apparently, the construction man was Admiral Lee’s man who was in disguise. That man then joined Mr.Dam’s meeting to report what knew.Mr.Dam remembered what Mr.Lee told him about trusting Kang Chi.


While the others were discussing a very important matter, KAng Chi was dealing with his stomach business. While other warriors were eating full menu, he only got porriadge. The junior warrior told him that it was the old master who determined his menu.
The old man dared Kang Chi if he could take away his broom, he could get the whole chicken. But of course he bullied Kang Chi. He made Kang Chi cleaned the kitchen utensils.

Yeo Wool’s wound was still not better yet. But she had to go to Mr.Jo’s place with Geon and some warriors.

Mr.Jo moved to the gisaeng house while the construction started. He met Cheong Jo there. Unlike the old days, this time Gisaeng Cheon seemed to try to protect Cheong Jo.

So the plan was to make the warriors, Dam, and Geon to be in disguse as construction workers. Kang chi also sneaked in. But as he met Yeo Wool and Geon, the guys started to argue. Kang Chi seemed to sense that Yeo Wool was hurt as she didn’t look fine. Kang Chi was checking Yeo Wool’s forehead and Geon tried to stop him doing that. They were in the middle of quarrel when suddenly Mr.Jo’s bodyguard decided to get into the room to check his suspicion. The old man tried to give the boys times to hide. When the bodyguard burst in, only Geon was there pretending to be one of the workers. Kang Chi and Yeo Wool were inside the secret room. They tried to make no noise, but Yeo Wool was making a move and tripped. The bodyguard heard it and got more suspicious. Geon and the old man tried to lie. As those who were outside were in a critical situation, Kang Chi as well. Apparently, when he caught Yeo Wool, his hand was exactly on Yeo Wool’s chest. He could feel something there… :D


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  1. Lee Seung Gi’s chest is so masculine & sexy!!!!!!! Super HOT! Love ep 9 of Gu Family Book. Lee Seung Gi, Fighting!

  2. olawoyin kifayat

    GU family book it so powerful and wonderful

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