Ha Ji Won Accomplishing Gil Ra Im’s Dream Through “Sector 7”

As we already know that “Sector 7” will be officially released on August 4th. The success of this movie will be very meaningful for Ha Ji Won.

Ha Ji Won truly dedicated her life For “Sector 7”. She spent 8 hours a day for heavy physical training to get the perfect body shape for the sake of her role, Cha Hae Joon, the brave woman who will be fighting scary monster.

Ha Ji Won realized her small and weak body, and to look as tough and strong woman she’s willingly follow a series of torture training. Not only those training, her role required her to be able to ride motorcycles and diving, and now it seems that she likes all those dangerous activities.

I just want to hail for Ha Ji Won, yeah.. she’s an amazing woman and great actress. She always takes different roles on her dramas or movies, and as i know, none of Korean actresses on her age takes as diverse and challenging character as her. On “Damo” she played as guard who disguised as a guy, on “100 Days with Mr. Arrogant” she plays as a clutz student, on “What Happened in Bali” she played as a miserable girl, on “Daddy Long Legs” as a sweet girl who tries to find her ajeossi, on “Hwang Ji Ni” she’s success became greatest Gisaeng on jeoseon era, on “Miracle of 1st Street” she managed to be a boxer woman, on “Babo” she played as Cha Tae Hyun’s bestfriend, on “Haeundae” she survived from tsunami disaster, on “Closer to Heaven” as a lovely woman, and her most current role is on “Secret Garden” as Gil Ra Im, an innocent but vigorous stuntwoman who has dream to play on a blockbuster movie. And then through “Sector 7”, beside making her dream comes true, apparently Ha Ji Won also makes Gil Ra Im’s dream comes true. For dangerous scenes on “Sector 7” Ha Ji Won didn’t use any stunt for her… she’s the invincible Gil Ra Im! :)

These days the public call her as Korean Angelina Jolie, frankly i don’t agree with that. I don’t intend to discredit miss Jolie, but Ha Ji Won’s personalities are to different from miss Jolie’s, so please don’t compare Ha Ji Won with her.

And for personal life, especially for romance, Ha Ji Won don’t want to talk more. She was not in a rushed to get married, but she’s always open the chance to have a relationship with a guy. i hope she will get the perfect groom for her later.

This year is her year. After together with Hyun Bin causing Korean public stricken by Secret-Garden-fever for months, and now she makes us dying to wait for watching her on “Sector 7” and on “Korea” where she will play as South Korean table tennis athlete.

Okay Ha Ji Won-ssi, we’re ready to see your action. I’ve even had my hair cut, so please play the movie soon!!!

[by Blossom]

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