Ha Ji Won-Kim Ha Neul: The Queens’s Battle for this Summer

Since August 4th “Sector 7” has been released and recorded big hit on first weekend and become the first place on Korea’s box office chart. But the real battle hasn’t begin until tomorrow (August 8th), Kim Ha Neul’s thriller movie “Blind” has officially released.

Yups..for this summer Korean movie industry invaded a number of amazing movies, like “Sector 7”, “Blind”, “Quick”, “Go Ji Jeon”, and others. But for “Sector 7” and “Blind” public put more attention since these movies presented the Korean greatest actresses, Ha Ji Won and Kim Ha Neul. Kim Ha Neul who used to play on romantic genre, she’s the queen of romantic genre, plays in thriller movie “Blind”. She does somethings different, no action indeed for her role as a blind woman but this movie absolutely full of tense. and for Ha Ji Won, has no specialization role–but always make big hit for her movies and dramas–this time she plays as warrior on “Sector 7”. So many people get curious if Kim Ha Neul’s movie is going to overmaster “Sector 7”.

But for me, I love both of them, i watch almost their movies and dramas. They have different way to present their acting abilities. They always look amazing on their roles, so you can’t compare them. As long as the lead character is tough woman, i’ll love those movies. Keep fighting, eonni-deul !

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3 Responses to Ha Ji Won-Kim Ha Neul: The Queens’s Battle for this Summer

  1. Both are very good actresses but in looks Jiwonie stands out, she has natural beauty and sex appeal

  2. Ha Ji Won is beautiful and her acting is great!

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