Ha Ji Won Admitted Only Had Two Relationships

Ha Ji Won involved on guerilla date for Entertainment Weekly that broadcast at KBS on May 5th. Without notice she appeared on crowded and busy street, Gangnam, of course her presence immediately attracted attention from the people there.

Some fans had the opportunity to interact with her. Ha Ji Won made shocking confession when one of her fans asked her about when last time she was in relationship. She replied shyly “it has been quite a while, about 7-8 years ago”. And her further confession  more surprising, the fans asked about how many times she in relationship, honestly she said “Twice” (she even made the cute sign with her fingers), yups… she smiled shyly when she admited that she only had two relationships. Wow! maybe just because she’s too busy these years… But, wait a minute, if she was in relationship eight years ago, it’s means when she was filming “What Happened In Bali” she was in relationship…hooo..now, I’m curious about that man, who is her latest ex-boyfriend??? :o

Anyway, on that show she also talked about her young and fresh appearance, her video  when she  appeared on guerilla date also for this show six years ago revealed, she looked not much different with these days.

She realized she’s not young anymore and  getting old is so natural, she’s no worried about it, but to maintain her young image of course she must be healthy. She admited  she needs vitamins injections and exercise to stay healthy, even she said “I got a vitamin injection today”, she added that important to keep healthy and not stressed for looks young and pretty, if you sick and stressed you will looked older.

and another theme of course the kiss, if you met Ha Ji Won, a must-be-question is about her kiss scenes on her dramas and movie. until sometimes i think,  an actor can not be called as a great actor till he had kissed Ha Ji Won, right??? So lucky Jo In Sung, So Ji Sub, Jang Geun Suk, Hyun Bin, and latest Lee Seung Gi indeed..

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  1. NewKDramaAddict

    My goodness. She has kissed some of the best lips out there. Jealous are we!! Here’s hoping she finds happiness in the future!

  2. hello i like you so much i want to be you my mommy because i wont to see us very much

  3. hello ha won ji am your big fan
    i always watch
    your movies and your korean drama like the time we were not in love
    you are so gorgeous

  4. I wish that Ha ji won and Kwan Dong won and will have to re-match for drama or movies that will be excited including So ji Sub. This three are my favorites Korean actors. They are all good match and versatile in drama.

  5. HJW is MA best k-celebs nd I luv her very much. I don’t care what critics say about her bt I still luv her. I never get tired of watching her movies, av watched most of them like more than a thousand times nd I’m still interested in watching them. HJW has a lot of lovely chemistry with all her Co stars bt I really like hyun bin, lee seung gi, ji chang wook nd lee jin wook. Don’t know which one 2 pair her with.

  6. Lara The Explorer

    oh my goodness,. at first i was never attracted to
    Ha Ji Won’s acting skills and her charm, but when
    i was able to watch Empress Ki, i got shocked on how adorable
    and strong she is on those scenes with Ji Chang Wook (i relly love him on that role)
    and Jo Jin Mo (i salute him for his role in “A FROZEN FLOWER”)

    ,. she’s a great actress who could play not just sweet and light roles but
    also she is outstanding in portraying roles with heavy action scenes.
    ,. hope to see more of her movies and series soon,.
    and i pray she could have movies or series (historical drama please) with Jo in sUNG.. PLEASE!!

  7. It’s true. Even me I am not really attracted with her beauty at first because she’s not really a lady/fiminine type but when I saw her movie Empress Ki, Secret Garden & the Kings 2 hearts!Wow! She is Unique !Your the Best!! Your acting is really good, especially your actions scenes. Fighting Ha ji Won! I’m a fan of Yours. Actually im not Korean I’m Filipina and currently working in Dubai and watching of your movies is my pass time. Hahaha…2am in the morning I’m still awake its because I’m always thinking about “what will happen next?” to your series movies.So Excited. After my work and reach home automatically I’ll open my Ipad and start watching korean movies. Keep up the Good work.

  8. I l0v€ U $0 MU©H

  9. Can we have ha ji won and lee jin wook as hero amd heroin in a film or drama. They r sooo good together

  10. I Which Ha Ji Wo And Jin Chang Wook Should Be A Couple

  11. The first time I watched her is in What happened in Bali and i find her interesting, then the secret garden and she became my favorite and started stalking all her drama shows and movies and became hooked especially watching interviews and behind the scene. She became my only favorite korean actress nothing can compare because she is genuinely kind, caring and down to earth person. I’ll be forever a 1023. Fighting unnie!

  12. Where can i watch this episode? huhu

  13. My only favorite actress
    💗💋💖 HA JIWON💖💗💕

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