Ha Ji Won Shares the Tears and Happiness on ELLE

On March 2o, the latest photos of Ha Ji Won for ELLE magazine revealed to public. She appeared on some  different expressions, with the tears and smile, on this pictorial.

These photos are to describe her journey along these years on movies or dramas. She always appears on different characters. On 2009 she made us cried until dehydration due to her miserable role on “Closer to Heaven”, then on 2010 through Gil Ra Im character on the phenomenon drama, Secret Garden, Ha Ji Won success to make our feeling upside down. On 2011  she transformed into a heroine, Cha Hae Joon on “Sector 7”, who brought the tense to our room.

For 2012 I still don’t know about her  latest role on “The King 2Hearts”, Kim Hang Ah, as the innocent woman who works as military instructor, since this drama will start running today (March 21st). But so far Ha Ji Won has never disappointed me or other fans. She’s always total on her roles. She’s consistent. Ten years on career with unchanging beauty.

Ha Ji Won looks so pretty here. She looks so confident showing her sexy shoulder…oh so damn perfect shoulder! And her flawless skin makes her look like a goddess and I think since her skin is not too pale, she feels so real for me. That’s why I adore her. She looks gorgeous with the longer hair, but frankly I prefer her short hair because for five years I’m used to look her on that hairstyle.

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