Ha Ji Won-Cha Seung Won Rumored Will be Together on “The King”?

On January 9th, the day before  Ha Ji Won’s agency  confirmed about the role for Ha Ji Won on “The King”, through his me2day account, Cha Seung Won gave some clues about his next drama project.   Then on January 10 spread rumors that recently Cha Seung Won reviewing script of “The King” carefully, and he would decide soon. So, the best actor and actress from  2011 Grimme Award possibly will be together on one frame on this March…oooh…huaaaa….Wow!!! :D

The King”is fictional romantic comedy drama, on this drama South Korea still on the monarchy rezim. It’s about the crown prince who’s arranged marriage with secret agent from North Korea (played by Ha Ji Won). the drama will be airing at MBC start on March.

Before, this drama revealed Jo In Sung as the potential actor for Ha Ji Won’s partner, but it seemed Jo In Sung refused the offer, then maybe the role turn to Cha Seung Won. Ha Ji Won-Jo In Sung or Ha Ji Won-Cha Seung Won, i don’t care, i love them all. Or even maybe Ha Ji Won-Jo In Sung-Cha Seung Won,  looking my favorite actors and actress in one frame???. it would be beyond my expectation…

But, apparently it’s only the rumor, because on January 11, Cha Seung Won’s representative said that until today there’s no negotiation between them (Cha Seung Won’s agency) and The King’s official.  So it means the official still looking for the actor, maybe they confused because too many potential actors to be pairing with Ha Ji Won, and i think Cha Seung Won absolutely isn’t the bad choice for her, right?? so please make it (the rumor) real! i insist X|

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