Cha Seung Won-Ha Ji Won’s Photos from Grimme Award Ceremony

As i wrote before, the awarding ceremony was held on December 9th. Cha Seung Won and Ha Ji Won were chosen by camera directors to be honored the Best Actor and The Best Actress award. To receive the award, they came to that event. Cha Seung Won and Ha Ji Won deserved to get the award due to their performances on their succsess dramas: “Best Love” and “Secret Garden”.

On The 19th Grimme Awards, not only Ha Ji Won who won the award, but the drama, “Secret Garden”, also gained the highest award, Daesang award (The Best Cinematography), as well as the camera directors, Huh Dae Sun and Lee Seung Chun, honored as Best Camera director award.  Wow! even a year after it first debut (on November 2010), this drama still get a lot of blessings.

These are photos from that event. Ha Ji Won appeared with simple black dress, but her pretty never fade, and Cha Seung Won looked so manly, as always. but i think he must change his hair style soon for the new role in his next drama “The Third Hospital“. For Ha Ji Won, beside “Korea” i still don’t know about her other projects on 2012, but i really hope there will be her drama on 2012.   and anyway, congratulation for the winners!!!

[by Blossom]

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