Ha Ji Won Delivering the Coal for Villagers

Even the winter hasn’t come yet, but the whether already quite extreme. So, on October 22nd, together with her fans, Ha Ji Won did a charity event.  They carried out the coal for  the villagers. The charity was organized by Ha Ji Won’s fans, Love Campaign of Coals for Warm,  was held on poor and isolated village. The village does not receive any subsidy from the government, their condition are very miserable, especially during the winter.

200 packages of coals were distributed for 14 households. Ha Ji Won came to help the fans to distribute the aid package. Besides the coal there’s also 100 boxes of rice and ramyon. Ha Ji won looked so happy when she was carrying all the packages even she didn’t care when her face looked dirty because the coal. although her face was dirty, actually she looked pretty as always.

She was very proud of her fans who already have an idea to make this charity event. In the middle of her busy, she was delighted to be involved directly in this event.

Lately she has been busy with her new movie “Korea” production and a couple of ads productions but recently she’s also busy to prepare for her appearance on  “2011 K-Pop Super Concert” that will be held on October 28th. Besides chosen as a host alongside with Kim Hyun Jung, reportedly she will make a special performance on that event.

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