Ha Ji Won Looks Stunning With Long Hair for InStyle

It’s a been long time sine the last time i saw Ha Ji Won with the long hair like this. Yeah  after successfully portrayed the characters from “Closer To Heaven”, “Sector 7”, “Secret Garden”, and latest “As One” (Korea), that made her  always had short hair, finally these days she’s allowed to have the long pretty hair again.

On this pictorial, beside the hair, i love the make up and the dresses, make her aura burst perfectly. She looks so girly and graceful, and as always, her body make me so envy. When she’s asked about her secret to maintain her mesmerize body, she replied that no special exercise, just doing the usual body training routine, such as stretching and treadmill, there’s no hard special diet to keep her S line.  Yeah..let’s say that you’re (almost) perfect as that just because God was having a good mood when He created you.

More of her pictures will be published on InStyle Magazine for September issue


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4 Responses to Ha Ji Won Looks Stunning With Long Hair for InStyle

  1. wel u r quite rite sis… its soooooooo hard 2 get dat kinda figure 4 gals lik me.. m 2 jealous of her..’_’…. n luv ur posts abt K actors…. keep it up sis…o_o..

  2. yes, she is really pretty with her long hair! love it! i miss that look! please take good care of your health my dear ha ji won shi! God bless you always!

  3. i love her new style…

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