Ha Ji Won Lost 4 Kilos for Being Sergeant on “King 2Hearts”

Ha Ji Won who already has solid body still needs more effort to play on her new drama “King 2Hearts” (The King). Her role as special elite soldier makes her  exercise harder and get more torture to create the body like a real trained military sergeant. For her hard work she managed to lose weight until 4kilos, and becomes more steady.

On these pictures that published on February 29th, she was wearing the military uniform and no expression, too cold…she looks so stiff, neat, intrusive and..mmmm :? …so north…yeah, she’s not only learn about the dialect she also learns about the North’s behavior and attitude…she always total on her job, this time i think she already transformed into the real North.

She looks more slender indeed, but looks stronger. and what happened with her short hair? I’m used to look her on short hair, oh i missed that lovely hair style. why they didn’t let her keep it??? maybe they  need that boring-straight-hair-style for convincing her character,Kim Hang Ah. So, i have to say goodbye with the lovely Gil Ra Im (Secret Garden), and the mighty Cha Hae Joon (Sector 7), and say hello to sergeant Kim Hang Ah

But, don’t worry, i bet her acting in this drama will not be boring. She always performs a different character on each drama or movie and those all gained success, so this spring i put my trust on her once again… ;)

Begin on March 14th and under the constitutional monarchy she will create a romance with crown prince, Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi)…oh can’t wait..can’t wait..can’t wait…then i have to chanting the mantra may the days running faster. (sorry i’m getting mad here :mrgreen: ..beside i’m so excited it’s also too much caffeine on my  blood)

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