Ha Ji Won No Need Stunt for Her Role on “Sector 7”

Frankly, I wanted to blame her because she made me do one of the seven deadly sins, ENVY. but i know, not her fault if she looks so perfect.

The official from “Sector 7” stated that Ha Ji Won refused to use stunt for the dangerous scenes while filming “Sector 7”. So, she’s doing herself for risk scenes.

For “Sector 7” she totally works hard. Besides doing the torture-8 hours a day-physical training, she’s also doing scuba diving and motorcycling (oh shame on me! X|  i can’t even ride a bicycle). Due to her physical training, her trainer said that Ha Ji Won has the most muscle mass out of all the actresses in Korea. Woman with muscle like Ha Ji Won??? For me it’s so cool. B)

Before becoming warrior on “Sector 7”, Ha  Ji Won had plenty stunning different roles, as police officer (Damo), mistress (Something Happened in Bali), a lovely girl (Daddy Long Leg), boxer (Miracle of Street No.1), Gisaeng (Hwang Jin-I), a tsunami survivor (Haeundae), and the most unforgettable role as stuntwoman (Secret Garden).

As I know, she’s filming “Sector 7” before she took role as Gil Ra Im, so maybe in order to go deep into her role as a stunt woman on “Secret Garden”, she decided to do the risk scenes herself.

Actually, her role was as a manager on oil platform, but the situation forced her to fight with mutant monsters. “Sector 7” will be released on 3D format starts on August 4th.

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3 Responses to Ha Ji Won No Need Stunt for Her Role on “Sector 7”

  1. shocks! I want to watch that Sector 7 but how can I watch that I’m from Philippines! :/

  2. me too i want to watch it…. Even just in youtube..^_^_^_^_^ saranghae….

  3. Ha ji won is m0re than amazing~ she’s the best! No any other k-actress could beat her!!!

    Marjorie, Philippines bought this movie, so this will proly be shown here. N0t sure when.

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