Ha Ji Won: “Sector 7, Fighting!”

Through her me2day account, on August 3rd, a day before “Sector 7” officially released (August 4th), Ha Ji Won up loaded her new photo. With her amusing photo, she wrote “Tomorrow is a big day for Sector 7, fighting!”.

Ha Ji Won looks silly-adorable on that photo, she appears with dorky expression and wore an army helmet, maybe she borrow that helmet from Hyun Bin :mrgreen: , and the pilot sunglasses, i called it as Top-Gun’s sunglasses (from Tom Cruise’s movie).

She has a very great expectation for her role in “Sector 7”, so she’s been so tense waiting for the movie to be released and hoped the movie would not disappoint everyone. Ji Won-ssi, fighting!!!

[by Blossom]

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  1. kristina bernales

    helo ha ji won. you are so nice and pretty and secret garden also in sector 7.

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