Ha Ji Won Released The Essay Book “Right This Moment”

The lovely Ha Ji Won was wearing the blue knitted dress and the shocking pink platform high heel when she attended the press conference at Imperial Palace Hotel, Gangnam, Seoul on November 6th. But that day she appeared not as an actress but as an author, yups..finally she’s ready to release her essay book, titled “Right This Moment” (지금 이 순간) on November 2nd. Reportedly, in the short time her book becomes the 13th on the Top 20 Best Seller Book ranking.

She looked so nervous because it was the first time she’s under the spotlight for her own book not her movies or dramas. She chose “Right This Moment” as the title because it’s one of  her favorite phrases. She’s grateful for her precious life through this book, she said “I love my life now, because i’m here today, i’ll able to carry on tomorrow”

For two years she prepared this book which contains her essays about her life as the ordinary person and the actress as well. Ha Ji Won is known as one of the introvert-actresses, she doesn’t share her thought especially about her private life that much, but through this book she wants to reveals about her life more with her fans.

The book reflects her journey, from boyish ordinary girl to become the top actress. She reveals in detail her past, about the insecure girl who fought to make her big dream came true. In this book she also puts her bitter sweet experiences in her rookie time, and her turning points on her life that makes her became a mature woman.

On “Right This Moment” she mentioned some names who influence her life , such as her best-seonbae-friend, Ahn Sun Ki. And actually i’m curious about what she says about her private life? since in this book she also shares her her precious moments about her romance life. On that press-con,  she looked shy when she recalled about her first love. She said that her first love was handsome and he was good on writing and the draw as well.

Okay i think i must have this book, i hope there will be a generous person who wants to buy me this book maybe as the birthday gift… :D

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  1. whoa!! but i cnt get d book in india i guess :(

  2. I really want that book! hope they will distribute a copies here in the Phils. i want to support you ha ji won in all what you are doing because i love you! God bless you always!

  3. Is this book available in English or Chinese translation?

  4. Would I be able to buy that book?

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