Ha Ji Won’s Fashion on “Sector 7” Special Media Preview Event

Before her movie is released on August 4th, her duties for “Sector 7” hasn’t ended, including to attend “Sector 7” special media event that was held at Wangshipri CGV, Seoul. Beside Ha Ji Won, her co-worker, Park Cheol Min and Kim Ji Hoon, the director also came to that event.

These days, Korean entertainment public put a big attention for her, almost every day there’s always news update from her, even her old dramas rerun on television. Ha Ji Won is not only a olden girl for Kim Ji Hoon (the director) but also for Korean public. South Korean really adore Ha Ji Won right now, thanks to her roles on “Secret Garden” and “Sector 7” . She’s become Korean sweetheart this year.

But this time i don’t want talk about her movies or dramas, i want talk about her style at the event. She brought something fresh to that event with her simple look. She only wore baggy black shirt with black leather sleeveless jacket, lousy jeans and pretty black pump, she able to look sexy but not cheesy. I wonder why she’s always cool whatever she wears??? make me so envy with her glowing charm…

[by Blossom]

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6 Responses to Ha Ji Won’s Fashion on “Sector 7” Special Media Preview Event

  1. sharon simbulan

    Wow.. she’s totally amazing! :-D

  2. She is not only Korean sweet heart but also my lovely sweet heart. :D. I always love her appearance and style. Two thumbs

  3. nice fashion from ha ji won… i love her so much!!! i am a big fan..:D

  4. Wooww she looks so sexy! Ha Ji Won is absolutely drop dead gorgeous and amazing.

  5. wow ! she s very amazing ! i love it !

  6. Ha Ji Won,…my ATF, WOW, what a beauty, love her K-Drama’s, she’s HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

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