Ha Ji Won Still Looks Perfect Through Candid Camera

Actually i’ve been sick since three days ago and yesterday, i got panic because i found Ha Ji Won looked bigger on my screen, of course i can’t believe it, then Rizz convinced me that it was because my fever that getting worse..my head dizzy and my sight became blur. Ha Ji Won is still perfect as usual, just like her latest pics from her latest photoshoot.

These candid pics came from photoshoot of Crocodile Ladies’s winter collection. As always, during the photoshoot Ha Ji Won shows her cherry personalities and  brightly smile..everytime, and make the crew comfortable work together with her.  Even without photoshop, Ha Ji Won just looks perfect, face and body, you no need to use effects for her pics.  Her beauty is natural.

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3 Responses to Ha Ji Won Still Looks Perfect Through Candid Camera

  1. yes it’s true, there’ no doubt! ha ji won in whatever angle/pose she’s perfectly beautiful! the people around her is so lucky because they experienced the kindness, simpleness and sweetness of this amazing woman! as i saw this picture can’t help but smile and dream that hope someday i will see this beautiful woman! so help me God!

  2. Only from Ha Ji Won, she looks good in anything!

  3. Only from beautiful Ha Ji Won, she looks good from any angle and in anything!

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