Ha Ji Won’s Airport Fashion, Sexy In Black

On August 17th, Ha Ji Won was seen at Incheon airport. On her black maxi dress just two words for Ha Ji Won: Cool and Sexy. Yeah..she’s always perfect with black. She also looked confident walking with pretty platform wedges and brought the burgundy shoulder bag as if on red carpet.

Sleeveless and low neck dress is the perfect outfit for this hot weather. And i think, she’s smart that she realized about her perfect arms and shoulder and of course the beautiful tanned skin, so it’s important to flaunt her good points.

Actually that day, she headed to China to attend the 2012 Beijing Toto’s Workshop, the annual cultural exchange program, some kind of awarding for amatuer film makers. For that event Ha Ji Won and director Kim Ji Hoon are trusted as special mentors for Korean and China teenagers in Beijing. The workshop will be held on August 17th and 18th. They’re invited to that event due to their latest movie “Sector 7” that made a hit on China (gained more 9 million viewers). Soon on September, Ha Ji Won will be busy filming her new movie “Three Beauties Of Josoen”, alongside with Kang Ye Won and BEG’s Ga In. Oh i can’t wait for next year.

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2 Responses to Ha Ji Won’s Airport Fashion, Sexy In Black

  1. can’t help but admired this beautiful and gorgeous woman! she’s always beautiful whatever she wears! but in this dress, wow! so gorgeous, so cool and so sexy! just as i always said she is a goddess of beauty! even a woman can fall for her!

  2. Beautiful and sexy Queen HJW makes my life complete..best korean actress!

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